Monday, March 31, 2008

End of the Tiki Hut

We cleared out the Tiki Hut slash Flea market booth. As we were taking the last load out to the car my husband turned to me and said "This is kind of sad. I thought it was fun." I will never understand him.

I hated the Tiki Hut - even though in my first few posts about it I tried to make it sound like everyone should have some crazy flea market business. I hated going there to work it, I hated that it was 17 miles away and I had to take two expressways to get there. I hated that I got stuck in traffic jams getting there or coming back. Not every week, but close to it. I hated that we had three weeks with ZERO Sales. I also hated that the 18 yr old kid that we hired to work, who was the best kid ever, just stopped showing up and has given me ten million excuses why he can't talk to us on the phone but only through cryptic emails. He keeps telling me that he is going to redeem himself, but its been 5 weeks now. I'm all out of patience.

So now we have hundreds of Tiki Hut items that went unsold in our garage. At least someone bought the Tiki Bar. Oh thank you kind sir for buying the Tiki Bar. I wanted to put the rest of the tiki items in the trash but my husband wouldn't let me.

Thankfully I had given away/sold a lot of stuff and the garage was able to handle more stuff, but now I'm going to have to get on the ball and get the Tiki stuff sold. I can't have it hanging around, its already stressing me out just knowing that my garage is full again.

So the Tiki Hut is gone -- but not forgotten. I'll post a victory post when the last of the Tiki items are gone :0)

Have a great day!

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Denise said...

OK dahlin, bear wit me and laugh (you know, the joy thang?)

I am so happy and grateful that 150 tiki items fell into the garbage can just as i tipped over the gallon jug of bleach i was cleaning the garage walls with. Lordy, just like that, half my inventory in the trash where i wanted it to be last week!