Friday, March 14, 2008

The Note

My Mother has always written notes & left them in the kitchen for us kids and anyone else who was in need of a note. Mostly her notes consist of things she'd like us to do - Put away the dishes, clean up the kitchen, pick up sticks in the back yard or where she was - I took a walk to the coffee shop, I went to the movies or she was at meeting or luncheon or something. Rarely do her notes strike panic or fear, but the note that she left behind last week made me worry immediately.

(I forgot to buy toilet paper. There is not ONE extra roll on hand. lm)

I came to stay at my Mother's house while she was out of town. She was gone about 10 days and I was staying for 5. It was a lot of fun staying at her house with no one there, but the thought of not a single extra roll of Toilet Paper nagged at me all night, that first night. I investigated both bathrooms and found that each one had a sufficient amount of TP so that baring any unforseen paper eating animals rushing into the bathrooms, I would be fine until morning.

The next day my sister and I went shopping and I decided to get the BIG BUNDLE of my favorite brand, Scott. As a side note, I have to say that I have never seen the stick-on handles used on a bundle of TP before --- but I was terribly excited. When carrying the big bundle out to the car, usually I'm trying to carry it under my arm or on top of the bags of groceries I'm carrying or I stick a finger into the plastic and try to rush to the car before the plastic tears and I have toilet paper rolls flying out into the parking lot. But this handy dandy little stick on handle made everything SO easy! Thanks Target!

Here is the newly acquired bundle of TP for my Mothers house. I slept very well the rest of my vacation just knowing I had some spare rolls.

Have A Great Day!

PS - The signature on her note - the thing that looks like a tz is actually an L and an M - it stands for Love Mom. :0)


Christy said...

YEP, I LOVE IT!!! Isn't that the cutest toilet paper???!!!! I may have to make a special trip to Target to get some of that :) !!! Thanks for understanding :) !!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Totallyscrappy said...

I love the LM (Love, Mom) thing.
You reminded me of one of my mom's quirks... she never would buy toilet paper in bulk. She was a one-roll-at-a-time kinda gal. We were forever running out. God bless her, but I buy multi packs!!