Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Peepers

I lived in a house on Bell Hwy in Eaton Rapids, MI. Behind the house was a swamp. I can't help but think about that swamp when I think about spring coming. I think the window glass in that house was as thin as a piece of paper and that the caulking had long since shriveled up and died. The master bedroom had a sliding glass door, right next to my side of the bed and the ice cold breezes that came through there in the winter was welcomed compared to the sounds that the Spring Peepers made. Did you know that Spring Peepers turn into frogs with deep voices? Did you know that frogs talk well beyond spring??

We lived in that place a few years and the frogs drove me absolutely batty. They were so loud. People on the other end of my phone conversation could hear them, when I was in the house with all the doors and windows shut. I told my friend, Bob*, about these frogs. Actually I complained and complained about how I couldn't sleep, they were so loud, and it was only just the beginning of spring! She laughed her funny laugh and twilled - I just love spring peepers! Ha! She came to visit one spring. She was in for a rude awakening. She actually asked at one point -- What is that noise?!! Your Frogs, I said.

She will never, NEVER forget that Spring.

I don't think new windows could even help keep the sounds of those frogs out of the house. There were millions of them. The tad poles that hatched in our unopened pool (of course, on top of the tarp that covered the pool) were in the billions. Billions of baby frogs. Thankfully I don't live there any more. The people who bought the house said they wanted to extend the swamp...make it even more swampy. I disclosed to them that they didn't want more frogs. I told them that the frog noises drove me crazy. They laughed like my friend did - We love frogs!

I doubt they made a bigger swamp after their first spring in that house. The house on Bell Hwy.

Have A Great Spring!

*Bob is a name that my friend and I call each other. We are both Bob's.

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Denise said...

Bob (no i'm not the other one, lol), i love your stories!