Monday, March 10, 2008

I Went Home!

I just spent the last week in Michigan - my home. I live in Florida, but I grew up in Michigan so it will forever be home. The Lower Peninsula of Michigan is shaped like a mitten. Which is so cool. The Upper Peninsula is also shaped that way, but not as truly noticeable as the Lower Peninsula.

 My mothers walk way has this rock - I haven't quite figured out if it was just a coincidence or if it was intentional.

My mother was out of town so I stayed at her place all alone. It was the strangest feeling to be at her house for 5 days without her. The nice thing about the trip, was that I got a chance to relax, to sleep in, to read books, to just think.

I also got to spend time with my sisters and with my niece. I don't think my niece stopped moving for longer than 3 seconds. I never did get a picture of her that wasn't blurry or actually showed her face. She loves to roll in a blanket and then run to the mirror to see her static-y hair all sticking up.

My last Works for Me Wednesday post I asked for help in coming up with creative ideas to keep in communication with this little fireball. Thanks to all of you for your ideas...I can't wait to start trying them out.

I will be posting more pictures and more musings from my trip home in the next few days. Until then...

Have A Great Day!

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