Saturday, March 01, 2008

Going Home

I'm going home for a few days. Home to the land of the snow. The picture you see here was taken in the U.P. of Michigan in about 1969. I'm guessing I'm 3 in this picture. My mom said that a neighbor gave us that coat - I always thought that was a great coat...not too crazy about the hat. Hats give me a headache, but that probably wasn't a problem back then. I look kinda cute.

Anyway, I'm going home. I scheduled this trip in December when my grandmother was still with us and I had planned on spending several days just with her. My mother had planned on being out of town, so it was just perfect - I could take her place helping out my Aunt Jane with Grandma.

I'm going home. My mother is out of town, my Aunt Jane no longer needs any help, one of my sisters has been sick and can't take off any days from work while I'm in town, my other sister is 7 months pregnant, so she is saving up all those personal and vacation days. Dear Dad works most days, too. I'm kind of excited to go home and have my days free - what shall I do??? I've got a list a mile long and the funny thing is, it is all reading and computer work. I've thought of making some fabulous dinner for everyone - I've got all afternoon to prepare something. I might need to call the cousins and see if they can drop by. Hmmmm, this is an idea that is forming right here. Well, that might be fun. We'll have to see when my brother in law is playing so he can join us.

I want to take my niece for an afternoon and just hang out with her. She is just so much fun, smart, funny and all mine. OK, not all mine, but she is my first niece and I love the stuffin' out of her. If her folks let me & if she'll agree, I'd love to spend the day with her.

I plan on spending each evening with a sister or my father or a cousin. My husbands parents live in the same town as my family and as luck would have it, they will be getting home the afternoon before I leave, so I actually get to see them. That'll be nice, we haven't seen each other since my grandfather funeral in December and I really wasn't able to be with them any other time.

I'm a Florida gal now - the cold weather is not to my liking - I'm sending warm thoughts to Michigan. No snow. No snow. No snow.

Have a Great Day


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