Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Broken Pottery - Looking for the potter

Once upon a time in a land far far away a newly smitten couple went shopping in a pottery studio/gallery and fell in love with a pair of plates.

Once upon a time - June or July 1995 - in a land far far away - Lansing, MI - a newly smitten couple lol my husband and I - went shopping at Reynolds Art Studio on Lake Lansing Road and purchased these awesome plates. I am such a forgetful one that I suggested to my husband that he could just wrap up the plates and give them to me for my birthday in October and I'd never remember that we bought them and I'd love them all the same. Knowing he had a good thing, he did just that... He listened well at the time. haha

We have used these plates nearly every day - mostly for dinner - they were great for eating on the couch, because they were deep and stuff wouldn't spill off the plates it you happen to move funny. Just before Christmas 2007, just over a month ago, I smacked one of the dishes on the center divider of the kitchen sink, as I was gently handwashing and rinsing my beautiful plate. Not sure if I had a spasm or what, but I smacked it pretty good. Then I saw it - the crack. It was hardly visible, but I could see it - on both sides of the plate --- it was a goner. I knew the day would come that they would break, but we'd only had the plates for 12 years - surely I could get another 12 out of them before I had to give them up.

I have included pictures of the top, sides, bottom and signature of the original potter. Since a blog is such a great place to make a plea, I'm making a plea!! I would love to have two plates, in the same shape and style and of course, I'd love to have them from the original potter. The art studio where I purchased the plates has been out of business for a very long time - and the pieces were not made in the studio, so I have no idea where in the world the potter hails. If you recognize the signature, recognize the pattern, anything! talk to me. The signatures are different on the bottom of each plate - but they are the same potter. Please see the photos.

The pattern doesn't need to be the same, they don't need to be the same colors, they don't even need to be a pair of look alikes - but I would like them to stack nicely and be as similar in shape and style as the ones I love so dearly. If you are a potter or know one that does a similar type of work, please comment and we'll talk.

(I don't know why these photos are so yellow lol That should probably be a part of my 101 Things to Do list -- Learn how to take Photos.)

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Mrs. Who said...

I'm at school, so I can't check for you (they block it, can you believe it??) but have you tried Ebay? You can pretty much find anything there. If all else fails, you might try some Fiestaware plates. I have them in a rainbow of colors and love them. They are not as deep as your plates, but they do look similar. Good luck!

ttelroc said...

I've looked a lot of places, including ebay, but thank you very much for the suggestion. I have lots of pottery plates and bowls and I really like them - but ya know when you have just the right mug or bowl? It fits in your hand just right? That's the way with these. I'm so glad I still have one - but I let my husband use it most of the time lol

I will entertain all suggestions though, so Thank You!

Have a Great Day!