Friday, January 18, 2008

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days
I found out about this from someones blog and traced it back to Day Zero - Home of the 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days.

There I found how to write my own list, what the criteria should be and also how to stay focused. Focus, boy do I need focus. You can add your own 101 things to do in 1001 days, if you have it posted on a blog and you can also use the handy dandy little calculator to figure out when your 1001 days are up. I have found that if I start my 1001 days on January 21st, 2008 that the end date is my Birthday in 2010. What a great incentive to get my list completed. To see when my birthday is, go to Things to Do #101.

I may edit this to get things into categories, but for right now, I'm going to just list my 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days. Green is "In Progress" - Like a traffic light - don't stop, just keep going. Purple is completed! My favorite color.

1. Get MRJ online and visible

2. Get the rest of the websites up by the end of April 2008 -- StomperNet Seminar is in April, so get going on this... get going...get going) I need to reevaluate this one.
3. Watch one Video or Tutorial on SN every week (Bonus points for multiple days in a row!) (143 weeks)
4. Read MAC OSX Missing Manual guide
5. Do one business action a day - write it in notebook or in blog

6. Read Dr. Oz books - I have 2 (I am in the process of reading the first one.)(11/08/08)I have read through most of both books, but not quite finished yet.

7. Get to first goal weight - :) Written down in secret book, by December 2008
8. Get to second goal weight - :) Also written down in secret book, by February 2009
9. Walk once a day 5 times a week (143 weeks)(yep yep)

10. Stop drinking all carbonated beverages as of day one. (I've craved carbonation since the day I wrote this down. I used to go months, now it has been just days. Lets start again, Groundhog Day, 2008. 1st day - 5/3/08 nix that, I've had a ton of soda lately. Working on the flip house has me craving it. Two sodas a week is about my average. I'll keep it as an ongoing project.) (11/8/08) I haven't had any carbonation in weeks.

11. Stop drinking caffeine as of day one.(I keep buying something that has caffeine in it. I must stop, caffeine and my body hate each other - pay attention)(11/8/08) I haven't had any caffeine in two months at least.

12. Swim once a week - Summer 2009 May - Sept
13. Plan 2 months of dinners
14. Try 2 new recipes in a 6 month period (6 - 6 month periods)

15. Pay It Forward at least once a year - I gave some gals in the grocery store line several dollars to pay for their food since they were short on cash.

16. Write in Gratitude Journal for 365 (purchased New Years Day and am current) 05/03/08 I am not current. ugh (11/08/08) still not current. I will have to just start again in the same book.

17. Create 2 Challenges for NBU in 2008 - done done done :)

18. PM at least one person a day during each NBU session.

19. Get dressed to shoes 5 days a week by 9am (30 days in a row - Bonus points for continuing the practice)
20. Clean off coffeetable each Monday. ( I still haven't even started this one 2/2/08, I just have to keep remembering that this is a project lasting 1001 days and I am building a foundation)

21. Write to Zora twice a month (05/03/08 More like every three weeks - I need to get this into a habit.) I am pretty good at once a month. I need to step this up.

22. Send 5 care packages for absolutely no reason at all

23. Send Thank You cards (handwritten) to people for unexpected things. I sent Thank You cards to all of the people that met us at the Cafe in Maywood, NE.

24. Empty Storage Unit (Done!!!!!) Saving $190 a month!!!

25. Empty one garage and sell it by the end of 2009

26. Photograph household inventory.

27. Photograph condo inventory (all three units) done!

28. Take a daily self-portrait for a year (join the Flicker group that does this?)(2009, 2010)
29. Learn to Meditate (begin in 2008)
30. Meditate every day for a month (start this in 2009)(Bonus points for continuing the practice after the month)
31. Go to an art exhibit or gallery opening 5 different times
32. Put coins into an expired meter. I'm going to try to do this while we are in Denver this coming week. I'm just never around any place with parking meters (and I'm just assuming that Denver will have some!) I forgot when we were in Denver.
33. Have a dinner party (bonus points for having more than one!)

34. Do not purchase pens or sharpies for an entire year (this should start today :^)(1/21/08) 05/03/08 - I still have not purchased any sharpies. This is TOUGH! (9/14/08) I STILL have not purchased any sharpies. I've wanted to. A few of my sharpies have run out of ink, so my stash is getting low, but no Sharpies will be purchased this year.

35. Frame one thing every four months (3 times in 2008, 2009 & 2010) - (9/14/08) I still have NOT done this. I even needed to get a picture framed for Tom's birthday (5 days ago) but never though of it. So I gave Tom an unframed print.
36. Get a Safe Deposit Box
37. Decorate patio

38. Create a Paper Sack Journal and blog about it - do this for 30 days (30 sacks - 9 so far, need to blog about it & take a photo)

39. Send 20 Postcards using (9/14/08) - Not sure if I want to do this.
40. Join 30 Day Challenge in August (or whenever it begins in 2009)

41. Write in my 10 year journal every day. very very cool journal - Still on track. 05/03/08 I am still on track. I have one entry each day of this year. YES! (9/14/08) still writing in it every day. :) (11/08/08) Have not missed a day.

42. Put away laundry the same day it is dried (6 weeks) (Bonus points for continuing the habit!) First post about it, Second post 05/03/08 DONE!! This is a done project. I have it as a habit now.

43. Vote in the 2008 November election

44. Donate or sell one box of "stuff" each month (Box in guest room) (I haven't done it each month but I have gotten rid of most of my clothing that I didn't like or didn't wear often.)

45. Write 12 new Kirby Mail posts in 2008 (3 completed)(9/14/08) I now have 6 completed

46. List the Plexiglas & the diamond tread on Craig’s list and get it gone by July 2008. (9/14/08)Oooh, we were flipping that house in July -- I forgot all about it. Lets move the date to March 2009.

47. Travel to...Hawaii
48. ...France

49. ...England, Ireland, Scotland (5/19/08 My father asked us last month if we'd like to all go to the Isle of Man next summer - so this trip is scheduled.)

50. ...Maywood, Nebraska (5/19/08 My mother asked me a few weeks ago if I'd like to go to her class reunion with her & visit Maywood! - My answer was YES!)(9/14/08) we leave in a few days!!!!!!!!!

51. ...Chicago
52. ...Memphis with Bob
53. ...LasVegas
54. Sell the early editions of the MSL magazines by the end of 2008 (this doesn't look it'll happen. Maybe I can get them listed the first week in Dec.)
55. Make a shadowbox or some kind of covered display for the BK items. (End of 2010)
56. Get China doll repaired - replace the string that held her together
57. Create a Home book - household inventory, floor plan, color chart, maintenance, etc. (end of 2009)
58. Buy a new mattress for King bed (2009)
59. Buy a new mattress for Queen bed (2010)
60. Memorize U. S. Presidents
61. Learn how to change a tire on both cars.
62. Send flowers to someone.
63. Send a Get Well package to someone that includes crayons and a coloring book.

64. Hold the door open for people (10 minimum but continue the practice)(done done done!)

65. Have a Chick Flick sleep-over party

66. Replace all of my socks & chuck the old ones - all of them. 05/03/08 I did this the other day -- I totally forgot it was on my list. (Or maybe I didn't forget!)

67. Renew my passport - I HAVE to do this soon. we are going overseas next year.
68. Add additional $2000 to my emergency fund
69. Get a Museum Membership
70. Put together an Emergency Kit (post what's in it in a blog post)
71. One Random Act of Kindness (this can be repeated often) 05/03/08 the other day I did all sorts of nice stuff for people and places. It was fun - I'll post something about it.
72. Purchase Photoshop (or other photo editing software) & blog about how I am using it each week for a month.
73. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy. (05/03/08 - I don't know why I haven't even thought of starting this...)
74. Go one month without using my Credit Card (Bonus points for Debit Card, too)
75. Go to grocery store only once a week for an entire month (Bonus points, big bonus points for continuing this habit)

76. Go out to dinner once a month with a neighbor or friend. (12 months in a row)

77. Write a letter or card to someone other than family every week.

78. Call Tom's parents at least twice a month.

79. Flip a house in less than 4 months. This is absolutely being done right now. We are 3 weeks into it. (we did it in 4 months!!!!!)

80. Make a condo book listing the food, maps, suggestions, etc. Have the patients write in it. Make it interactive if possible. (9/14/08) I just started working on this last week.

81. Make a calendar for the family with all of our bdays and anniversaries in it. (Ask Marg for help on this)
82. Purchase a new rug for the bedroom & another for the computer room
83. Go to a taping of the Oprah Show (could do it while I was visiting Chicago!)
84. Acquire new bedding for the guest room (donate the current bedding
85. Wash all of the exterior parts of the windows.
86. Recover the yellow couch.
87. Sell Grandma's Treadle machine
88. Finish up the State Quarters book - it ends in 2008.
89. Create a small prop closet - this has been started and it is just going to be a basket in the closet. I will blog about it when I have more items, but it is started.
90. Get out of town with Tom 2 weekends a year.
91. Buy a black velvet dress or one that seems just as cool and wear it to an event.
92. Paint a picture and frame it. It doesn't have to be great - just do it!
93. Transfer Nebraska tape to DVD and give it to myself and family.
94. Toss out or give away all video tapes.
95. Make a Paper Crown - photograph it. (Bonus points for doing this again, if it was fun lol)
96. Start writing down the family funnies -- Big Gulp, W/D on the curb, Kitten on his shoulder, elusive noodles, etc.
97. Clean out a dresser drawer once a month.
98. Write down the crafty ideas so you don't have to try to remember them all. Create a book or gasp, a blog post, to put them in.
99. Get rid of, recycle, gift, donate or otherwise move out of my possession every piece of electronic equipment or computer that hasn't been used in 2 years.
100. Get a professional family portrait taken & frame at least one of the photos with in a month.
101. Plan my own birthday party for the 18th of October, 2010 - the very last day of the 1001 days and celebrate the successes in the 101 goals!!


Mookxi said...

all the best with your goals ;-)

Dr. Cason said...

I love it!

I love that some are simple and could be done in little bit and some are really long range goals.

Thanks for visiting me! :) Sheila

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

I love your list! And it's so inspiring to see that you've been "at it" for so long. I have a feeling I'll go in spurts, blasting through several one month, then going 3 months without crossing a single thing off.

Jewel said...

Very cool! I recently posted a bucket list.. but it wouldn't be a bad idea to make one of extended length for more daily (or frequent!) practice!