Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tiki Hut

What would life be without a Tiki Hut business?

My husband purchased a little flea market booth that sells Tiki items -- oh and some metal sculptures, wooden beer signs, nautical items and welcome signs. Ooops forgot the Totem poles. We've got some of those, too. We've sold about $500 so far from the flea market booth & since we had a few open spots on the walls, we decided that today was the day to go get some fresh inventory. It probably would have been cheaper to stay home.

We walked into this fairly small warehouse full of fun things. The man who initially purchased the inventory for the Tiki Hut came to this same place -- boy oh boy did he have a different vision. The coolest things were in this warehouse and he didn't see any of it! We arrived just 30 minutes before they closed (that's a story in and of itself) but the owners of the store knew a good thing when they saw it, so they kept the doors open until we were done buying. I actually stopped the buying process by saying, "Put down everything you have in your hands - We are officially done" and we were...except for the three canes that I saw in the retail shop when I went in there to use the bathroom --- at $2.50 each, I just couldn't pass them by.

The car is now full of metal scuptures of palm trees and fish, scary canibal looking fellows on surf boards, tiki masks, sun mirrors and lighthouse key holders. We got a few umbrella stands and now three canes to put in them! We found wooden gekkos and turtles and a dolphin statue that holds a wine bottle. We've got it all. Even a few cat sculptures. They were wooden. That's about the only reason they fit into the Tiki, nautical, fish categories we have... Well, my husband and I also really likes cats. That might have had a teeeny tiny influence on that decision. We only purchased 4 cat items, so I'm considering that a huge victory.

So today was Tiki Hut day. We spent twice as much as we planned on, but considering the amount of totally cool stuff that was in that warehouse, we spent about $2000 less than I could have purchased!! Tomorrow my husband and our 18 year old partner in the tiki business, will be taking my car to the Flea Market and unloading it and pricing everything. I hope they have fun!

Have a Great Day!


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