Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tiki Hut Weekend adventure

Tiki Hut

It’s the weekend – this means that Tom’s Tiki Hut is open for business. Last week I told you how we purchased some new inventory – well it is being snapped up like crazy. Tom spent a few hours over there yesterday and he is there right now. He is wheelin’ and dealin’ and having a good ole time. I’ve got some pictures of the new stuff, I’ll see if I can’t load that onto the site when I done with the “journaling” part.

The Tiki Hut had a mishap though, just an hour or so ago – Tom was putting up some more signs or totems or something on the wall and when he finished pounding the heck out of the walls, he must have disturbed something because this giant metal fish sculpture came crashing down off the wall. Of course it brought half the items on the wall with it. The half of the items that fell, of course, crashed into the statues on the floor. Tom called me nearly instantly. I swear I could still hear the items falling. He was alone, he had sent our nearly adopted 18 year old worker bee and his brother to go get some lunch. He was standing in the middle of a mess. He was sure everything was broken or damaged – At least the everything that had fallen! He was sure it was $1000 worth of inventory. Now that’s a lot of inventory!!! I suggested that he just calmly pick up the pieces and assess the damages and call me back.

The call just arrived – One fish sculpture – damaged, but possibly repairable (value $30), One very ugly pelican statue – broken, now glued back together with a half-price sticker on it (Value $15) personally, I’d call this one trash and chuck it in the garbage, one or two flamingo statues, I really can’t remember, – broken and now also glued back together with a half-price sticker (Value each $12) and one bird statue same as above (Value $12.) So not a thousand dollars in damages, that’s good. Looks like it is less than a hundred dollars, even better. My husband picked up the pieces, literally, all by himself. I am so proud of him.

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