Monday, January 21, 2008

Day ONE of 1001 & Ned's Birthday

Chances are real good that I won't document each and every day of my 101 Things to Do (in a 1001 days) list, but it really would be great if I did post on my blog each day about something!

Today is my Father-in Law's birthday. He turns 80 today. I will be 80 in 38 years lol I wonder what my life will be like when I'm 80. When I think of him the first thing that pops into my head is...He is a lovely man who swims everyday and loves his wife & boys and adores his grandchildren. I know he is a well known person in the community but I always seem to come back to -- He swims everyday and loves his wife LOL Isn't that funny. I hope I'm remembered for the simple things like this - the loving simple things. The other thing about him that is so striking is that he is quite tall and he has thick white hair and he is the nicest man. I wish my husband and I could have gone to the birthday party on Friday, but it is a long trip from Florida to Michigan. At least we remembered to get a card out to him. whew.

Let's see, if I were to list the things that I'd like to remembered for... just the fun stuff...


Kristin loved to laugh, caress pottery bowls, do dishes in the sink just so she could use her dishtowels, kiss babies*, play with the pink pads of her kitty's paws (my cat of course hates this!), dance like a dork to various commercials and other songs that just lead themselves to dancing like a dork, drive around town or across the country, and she loved to be inspired.

*I'm not sure anyone would actually put this on their list, if they were indeed writing a list of things they loved about me lol but I have to admit that I love to kiss babies.

I'm sure there are at least 101 other things that I do that people may see or do or hear that reminds them of me (hopefully in a good way) but for now that is a pretty short and sweet list. Good thing my sister is having a baby again and I'll get to induge in the "Kissing Babies" part real soon. This saves strangers from me wanting to kiss theirs LOL It also saves me from actually having children. I'm afraid my love of babies could have gotten me into a lot of trouble if I had actually started down that road -- I might have been in the running with the Duggars.

Oh, I should add to that list above --- I love the Duggar movies...or documentaries. I've watched everyone of them several times, but I don't think I'd ever win the "Name that Duggar" game. I love the new house they built and I'm so happy to see that they finally have space indoors to spread out, if only a little bit. I guess it really doesn't matter if they had a big house or a little house, they are a great family.

Happy Birthday Ned! Grandma's birthday is tomorrow.

Have a Great Day!

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