Thursday, January 24, 2008

Moving Day

I rent condos to people who are in the process of going through an organ transplant - usually a lung or a liver transplant. My husband had a liver transplant, so we know what these people are going has been a real nice way to help others out. We purchased three - one bedroom condos and fully furnished them. All the transplant patient and their caregiver needs to do is just bring their personal belongings and take trip to the grocery store to buy some food.

One of my "patients" just got released from the clinic, so that means they get to move back home. This also means that I am put into full gear to get the condo sparkling again to rent to the next person. Today was moving day - they moved out and I moved in. I came with cleaning supplies and food and they left with bags and bags of stuff they had accumulated in the past 4 months.

I really like cleaning the condos when people leave because the condo is back to its original condition - no clutter, just 4 or 5 books, no clothes in the closet and nothing just sitting around with no place to be stored. Every single thing has a place. I wash all of the linens - bedding, towels, comforters and duvet covers. Every single item in the condo gets dusted or submerged in soapy water. I am always so pleased to give the keys to a new renter because I know I am giving them a nice, healthy, restful place to stay during a time when they need it the most.

So today was moving day for the people I met as renters and now leave as family. I hope the next people who rent from me will be just as fortunate to have a successful transplant and can leave with many many years of life ahead of them.

Have a Great Day!


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