Saturday, January 26, 2008

Merri Mail

Merri Mail

I just love that name - Merri Mail.

Last year I bought a gift subscription to this wonderful little company - They had only started a few weeks earlier, but I loved their ideas and the concept behind the subscription. It is called Merri Mail. Four times a year they send out a little gift, along with a newsletter that tells a little about the product they sent and the people behind the product and a few different articles that relate to the gift in some way. I also gave a gift subscription to my sister and to a dear friend of mine. Oh and I gave one to myself! I love to get gifts, too!

You can see what my gift recipients received by looking at the past issues on their website. The little birds, that are salt and pepper shakers were just the month before I subscribed, so we came in when the green vase was sent - what a beautiful vase. I chose to put the vinyl sticker on a bamboo box that I had, instead of the vase, so my vase is just green. My sister put the sticker on her vase and her vase is much darker than mine. The honey was quite a treat! My sisters husband had never tasted real honey with the honeycomb intact, so that was fun. My friend called me seconds after the honey arrived to tell me that was one of her favorite things to eat! How exciting. The gifts really were a hit with everyone.

I am so glad that 4 times last year my sister and my friend (and myself!) were able to come home, pick up the mail and find that the big box was a gift! It instantly put a smile on my face. It was also fun that three of us - one in Michigan, one in New Hampshire and me in Florida all got the same thing - mostly on the same day & it almost always prompted a phone call that same day. It was always a great day when Merri Mail came.

The women that run Merri Mail are just the nicest people! Let them know that Kristin sent you to their site and I hope that you consider sending the gift of Merri Mail to your friends, family or yourself. It makes gift giving to those that are even the slightest bit difficult, a breeze! It comes out each quarter, so you can jump in anytime.

Look for more glowing reviews of things that I love in the weeks to come. I plan on this being a regular part of my blog.

Have a Great Day!


***I hear that Merri Mail is not accepting any new subcribers at this time. I hope it is because they have a huge list of people that they are currently serving. Please keep this site bookmarked and check back with them... Thank You!

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