Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dental news

Well, just as I suspected, I've got one expensive mouth.  It's all my husband's fault.  Well, not his direct fault, but when he started getting sick 7 years ago I took my stress out on my poor teeth for a few months by grinding them in my sleep.  I broke a tooth at that time and cracked a few fillings.  I went to a dentist and they fixed me up...

They actually did a pretty shotty job and left gaps between the filling and the tooth, I later found out, which has caused so many issues.  After Tom's transplant I needed to have extensive dental work, but I couldn't afford it all at the time, so I opted for just a filling for the tooth that needed it most.  The rest I'd deal with later.

It's now later.

I am now in need of a root canal and crown for the broken tooth that causing all the pain.  I also need two additional crowns and the removal and replacement of the fillings that were so poorly done years ago.  One or both of those may need a crown, depending on what is found once the fillings are removed.  My molars have extremely deep pits and they have been filled and filled and filled until some of them are half tooth and half filling.  This just creates problems.

The bill for the proposed treatment of all issues found today is $5,744.00

It boggles the mind. 

My husband's liver transplant was well over $300,000 so I know about medical bills, but it just seems like a little ol' tooth or two shouldn't cost more than a down payment on a cheap car.

Monday at 8am I'm going in my my root canal.  Wish me luck!

One of the good things about getting new xrays.  If anything should happen to me, I now have current dental records and that can help with identification if necessary.  (I watch far too many forensic shows)

I hope you have a great day!


jb said...

Oh boy! Mike grinds his teeth, and I know what root canals are all about! He had about 7 done in the 17 years we were together.
I am glad that you are taking care of your teeth, because they can cause lots and lots of problems. I hope you heal quickly, have excellent care and feel all better when it is done and over.
I am glad you have current x-rays too, as I also watch far too much true crime!!!!

Bettyann said...

Well Kristin I think you need to set up a paypal account and take donations.I hate tooth issues especially since I am so far away from my dentist, who by the way has the real name Dr Wimpy! Yours is the first blog I have ever read that had a real tooth xray on it!! Never know what your going to find on the Goat!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Praying all goes well for you on Monday. I haven't been in years and I know it will be a large bill.
My husband has a lot that needs to be done and since some things don't hurt he hasn't had it done.
The dentist told him he would no longer see him if he didn't get the work done!

Unknown Mami said...

I'm sorry. I've had quite a bit of dental issues and the discomfort and expense SUCK!

jennifer said...

Saying a prayer for you to do well tomorrow. I understand the shock of the cost of dental work - I have some stuff that needs to be done too. Love you Kristin! I know you will do great tomorrow.

Unknown Mami said...

When you get a chance will you send me your paypal address? You won my $5 Anti-Debit Card Fee giveaway.