Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall in Michigan

Fall in Michigan.
Oh how I love thee.
Let me count the ways.

The start of the Michigan State University semester - the students are back, the student rental houses are full, the stores are busy, the place is buzzing with activity.

College Football.  Michigan loves it's College Football and I'm an MSU Spartan.  This year MSU is host to the MSU v UofM game.  Each year since 1953, the winner of the Michigan-Michigan State game receives the Paul Bunyan Trophy, a 4-foot wooden statue of the legendary lumberjack. Michigan State has had the trophy sitting in it's case for the past three years and I know we plan on keeping it this year, too.

(I wrote this days ago hoping to publish, but alas I didn't.  However, I'm happy to report that my Spartans did indeed win that game and keep the trophy!)

Fall means LEAVES!  Lots and lots of leaves of varying colors and sizes falling from the sky and rustling on the ground.

When leaves are on the ground you can hear things.  You can hear a squirrel digging for acorns, cats running through the grass or friends coming to the door.

Cool weather is almost guaranteed, but sometimes you get that amazing Indian Summer where the temperatures are way above average and the sun shines bright.  It's an incredible event because just when you thought your summer activities were over, you get a quick do over!  My MIL and FIL spent several days relaxing by the pool during this years Indian Summer which lasted nearly two weeks!  Unheard of.

Drinking apple cider and picking out pumpkins.

Allergies.  Yep, I'm allergic to Fall.  The dust of the leaves, the decay and the rain of Fall do a number on me.  It's really hard NOT to jump in the leaves!  I suffer every year and I keep coming back.  The beauty of it is intoxicating and I have to do it again.  (OK, so I don't love allergies, but it's expected in my version of fall)

My birthday.  Now my birthday will take place whether I'm in Michigan or not, but it's always nice to have a little birthday celebration when I'm in town.  This year the celebration was for the two year old, Scarlett, who was born just two days before my birthday.  It was fun being a part of her birthday this year.  I'm going to celebrate mine with a few folks in Jacksonville.  It seems I've met several folks who also share a Libra birthday with me. 

Hope you have enjoyed the things I love about Fall in Michigan. 
Have a great day!


qandlequeen said...

Love the leaves! Very pretty... and happy birthday!

Karen and Gerard said...

We enjoy walking through the rustling leaves at the park. Gotta love the colorful fall colors!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have always loved being a Libra.
The pictures are so beautiful. I desperatley want to see some color like that. I especially L.O.V.E the yellow leaves. Happy Birthday!

42N said...

Outstanding leaf colors! As always nice job.