Thursday, October 27, 2011

POTD - Really Great Cookies

POTD - Really Great Cookies
©2011 Kristin Corlett

I picked up three cookies to bring to a friend's house, knowing of course, that the cookies would have to be my photo of the day.  I just assumed that my friend would have a nice plate or something decorative that I could use as the base for the cookies.   After searching through his cupboards, pantry, books and blankets, I discovered these neat silver and black DVD cases.  I teased him about being a BOY and not having anything fancy.   It was a bit of an effort, but I think the background and the DVD cases make a nice backdrop for the really great cookies!



Ann in the UP said...

The cases are very attractive. Thankfully you pointed them out, because I was totally focused on the cookies. Totally.

Unfortunately, I need to weigh in at noon today, and so I dare not linger longer or I'll gain a pound just looking.

Lisa said...

Well... did they taste as good as they look?

Watch your mailbox..... ;)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The DVD cases are a nice background. The cookies look delicious!

42N said...

Any cookie is a great cookie especially chocolate.