Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tottie, do it again!

I have had two wonderful days.  I arrived safe and sound and without incident in Flint on Tuesday morning.  My sister Hillary picked me up and we sped off to East Lansing, MI.  We had lunch with my Mom at the Peanut Barrel - one of my Mom's favorite places and a neighborhood bar/restaurant and then Hillary went home and I went to Alison's to see her and the kiddos. 

Yesterday is pretty much a blurr because I had so little sleep the night before, but Stella and I played together and Alison and I talked and talked.  I got updated on a lot that had been going on.  Alison convinced me I should take a nap while I had the chance and I was out in a matter of moments.

I slept from 10pm until 6am without moving.  My hand was still holding onto the corner of the pillow and the covers hadn't moved an inch.  Guess I was tired.

Today was a different story.  I arrived before Scarlett napped and the three of us played in the playroom for quite awhile.  I brought my camera up there and pretty much all I heard was, "Tottie, do it again," "Take my picture, Tottie," "Take it again!"

I figured out the timer so we took a dozen or two shots of the three of us.  Most of them were complete duds, but the one above was a keeper and the best of the lot.

This one is just barely passable, but Stella wanted us to have a picture of us on the couch.

Zora is at school all day, so the big event is going to pick her up after school.  There's a little hill right by the school where Alison and the kids wait for Zora.  It's quite a bit of fun for them and it's out of the way of the buses and lines of other cars waiting for children.

Zora was reading over her homework as I was sneaking pictures of her.  She caught me and wasn't too pleased about it...

so she rushed the paparazzi!!  I thought it was a fun picture of her.

I'm going to have to share some of the pictures Zora's drawings.  They don't look anything like a 7 year old's drawings.  Coming from my talented sister and talented brother in law, I don't know why I'd say such a thing.  Of course the kid is crazy talented.

Zora told my Mom tonight that drawing is easy, it's all just lines.


I could draw lines all day and never get as good as she is already. 

That's a teaser to keep you coming back.  

Hope you have a GREAT day!


Tottie = Auntie in kid talk


Lisa said...

Ah, love it!

You need to get a remote! Srsly. I love mine, though I rarely use it. Its easy peasy. Set the camera to timer mode and click the remote. Worked great for fireworks, eliminates camera shake.

Poor Zora stuck at school while the rest of you are having so much fun. I bet she can't wait for Saturday!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like your having a wonderful time. The kids look awesome and adorable. Can't wait to see her drawings!

Ann in the UP said...

I LOVE the picture of you with the girls! You all look so cute, and so happy!