Monday, October 31, 2011


Twas the afternoon of Halloween and the ordinary was starting to look a little scary.

Was this tree always this dark and sinister?

Could it just be the day of the year?

Pumpkins were huddling together hoping to be safe from the the ghouls and goblins that would be coming out after dark.

Some pumpkins sprouted wings and donned a mask just to blend in with the crowd sure to come by this evening.

This fireman decided to hang off to the side to make sure that the crowds stayed orderly.

For now the sun is still above the horizon, but soon it will be dark.  Soon the streets near and far (except in New Hampshire) will have front porch lights on, kids in costumes and laughter and joy will be in the air. 

When all have been tucked in bed, what will come out from the shadows then?

Happy Halloween!


jb said...

Some towns have postponed Trick or Treat until next weekend...NOVEMBER! Silly!
I handed out candy in the dark, no big deal! I never get many kids, usually just students who love the fact that they know where I a house! Not under my desk!
I didn't carve my pumpkins, as they have frozen and are covered with (gasp) snow!!!

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm lovin' that punkman, or is he a firekin?

Ann in the UP said...

I love your scary tree picture. We celebrated Halloween by going out of town to the show---(Cloony in The Ides of March.) And out to "dinner" if you call half a salad a dinner.

Lisa was here and she said no kids came here anyway, so we could have stayed home and not celebrated Halloween.