Sunday, February 07, 2010


I mentioned in the Friday Fragments post that I was not going to worry about posting every day in February because I didn't join in NaBloPoMo.   I didn't want to feel like I was forced to post by Midnight Eastern time while I was in Rome, but I never thought I was going to miss a day before I left and yet yesterday I didn't write.  I did post my Photo of the Day, but I see that as a separate event. 

So I had a busy day yesterday.  Tom was gone all day, so I took the opportunity to do all the noisy & annoying housecleaning stuff like vacuuming and dusting the entertainment center, the TV, mopping, etc.  Then as I was sitting down to start writing something fun, I got a phone call from a friend asking me to come on down to a Mardi Gras dinner/event at her church.  I thought that might be fun, so I hopped in the shower and went. 

I don't actually like balloons.  The swaying bothers me because it distracts my attention and when the balloons move together the squeak sounds like nails on the chalkboard to me.  Don't even get me started on a balloon popping when it wasn't expected. 

I liked this giant bunch of balloons at the entrance to an apartment community.  Last week was "Yellow" week for the weekly photo photo challenge, so I stopped and took a bunch of photos to see if I wanted them for the yellow theme.  None of them made the cut, but I did like them as a series.  It's also something I probably would have never photographed if I hadn't been looking for yellow things.

I'm watching Undercover Boss right now.  What a cool idea for a show.  It's about the president of a company going to work for his own company at an entry level.  The little mom and pop operations know what it's like to be the owner, chief cook and bottle washer.  It's very interesting to see what the president of a giant huge corporation sees when he becomes the average joe worker. 

Congratulaions to the Saints.  All week I thought I would be rooting for the Colts (well, mostly because of Keetha) but when the Saints started off with a 10 point deficit I found myself rooting for them.  I'm a sucker for an underdog.  Then by the time the Saints were ahead by quite a bit, the game was nearly over so it was hard to switch back over to the Colts.  Congratulations to both teams for making it to the show and for making it a great game to watch.

My favorite commercial was the one with Betty White and Abe Vigota.  I honestly can't remember what they were selling, but it was a funny commercial.

I hope you've had a great weekend and I hope that your team won the Superbowl! 



Just Breathe said...

Now that you say it I can't remember what they were selling either but we also loved that commercial. My mom was afraid of balloons. I never really liked them but when I worked at Hallmark for six years I had to do balloons whether I liked it or not. So now there are not so bad. I'm happy the Saints won. Being their first time is rather sweet.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I dont like balloons either. I always hated when my kids were little and wed go to a restaurant or someplace thatd give my kids one. It'd bob around the bakc seat and hit me in the head all the way home. Undoubtidly there would be a fight at some point about the balloon. Whether it was with me of the kids themselves fighting. I then began saying, "Lets release it into the Heaven's so everyone can see. A present to Heaven from us." And they would do it. I knows thats wrong. But really, I think Heaven could appreciate a pretty balloon. I know the greenpeace people wouldn't but Heaven would.

I LOVED the show about the undercover boss. GREAT concept! Hate trash reality, I love that!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch any commercials but I'll have to google that. my oldest loved balloons. in fact, I have photos of her sleeping with one on her wrist because she refused to take it off.

Denise said...

they were selling Snickers!