Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello Hello!!

I could get used to this city real quick.  Wow.  Rome is really something. 

Now that I have found a few moments (It's 6am here in Rome) and I've gotten connected to Blogger (a feat in and of itself), I'm just going to show you a few photos.  No descriptions as I really do need to hurry along.  We are going to Mass today at the Vatican.  I'm not Catholic, but I am truly honored to be able to go.

Already this trip has been incredible.

disclaimer - these photos have not been edited, cropped or straightened.  Most of them are giant sized because I am trying to get the photos downloaded first - so if the page loads slow it's because of the photo size.


I am tossing a coin into Trevi Fountain (and standing next to the kissing couple!  how funny)

This was a "zooming by on the bus" photo. 

Alrighty, I'm going to hop into the shower before I wake everyone. 

It's another full day in Rome. 

Have a wonderful Happy Valentines Day!



Ruth Ann said...

Sooo beautiful! Looks like you are having a great time! Love that pile of souvenirs! I've always wanted to go to Italy! It's the one place I am destined to go! Have a fabulous time!

Keetha Broyles said...

I stood JUST EXACTLY THERE in front of the Trevi Fountain when I was in Rome in 1972!!!! There MIGHT have been a kissing couple next to me - - - but I do not remember.

Looks like fun!

Does it still smell like urine everywhere? Well, maybe you can't tell 'cause I see some snow so it must be cold and odors aren't as BAD in the cold.

When we were there, we SAW why it smells like urine when a man right in front of us stopped to pee on the wall!

But - - - - every cloud with a silver lining DOES have SOME darkness in it - - -

Make sure you eat some of their YUMMY lasagna - - - - or another pasta if you prefer.

Just Breathe said...

The photos are wonderful. Happy Valentine's Day. Have a wonderful time. God Bless.

Loria said...

Love all those photos .. when my grandparents first came to USA, they owned a restaurant with a few of their siblings, called Maria's (oldtown Lansing i think) .. anyway, in the basement, they put a replica of the Trevi fountain. LOL. makes me think of my big fat greek weddng and the greek columns, statues in their front yard, but more discreet. LOL.

solo-dancer said...

we may just have to go back....that would be you might have to go back ...and take me with you :o))

Julie Stiles Mills said...

Love the photos! Especially the pencils and the pile of souvenirs. You have a great eye for finding the art in regular objects. I don't see things that way, but when I see your photos, it clicks.

So glad you are having fun and that you can get on the internet to share!

Unknown Mami said...

Thank you for sharing! I'm so jealous!!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Me and Jack looking at these shots again. We are loving this!