Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Those were the days

Last week it was unofficially brother/sister week on facebook.  The idea was that you were supposed to make your profile picture that of you and your sibling(s).  I usually don't go along with anything that tells me to change my status to something honoring someone or some group or supporting one thing or another because I don't want to use my status message as a platform for social change or awareness.  I want it to be fun :)


putting up photos is something I can get behind.

My Aunt Marg found a few photos of me that my Uncle took oh so long ago, so I've included those as well as the sister photos.

So here are some fun shots of me through the years.

The whole family together at the neighbors house for our Christmas dinner with them.  Our hair is all the same color and my Dad is the only one who doesn't have a perm.  Galen, Judith, Kristin, Alison and Hillary.

This picture was taken in 1983 as I was getting ready to leave for 23 days with the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp International Choir.  We were going to Sweden, Norway and Denmark.  I met a guy the night before I left.  I was so excited to leave and go on this incredible journey, but I was so sad to meet such a great guy and hope that he would still be single in three weeks! Too funny.  (He waited for me and we dated on and off for the next several years.)  Alison is wearing her favorite shirt.  It was purple with clouds on it.  Hillary was just sad that I was going to be gone for so long.

This next photo...

you may want to adjust your screen as there is a lot going on.

I'm warning ya.


When I went to my grandparents house, I would run over to this statue and stand next to him and measure myself.  I assumed that I would grow many inches between visits - which I have to tell you were most times just days apart.    My grandparents lived just across town. I guess I was spending the night because that is my robe.  It's quite a sight to have so much pattern in such a small space!

Hillary's hair is so long.  I had forgotten how long it was back then.  This was taken during the time when we had the Dancing Goat Coffeehouse, so sometime between 1994 - 1998.

Alison mentioned that this was a very cold day at the beach.  I honestly don't recall the day that we went to the beach, but I did know that I always liked this photo because we were just acting like us!  I also really liked that red velour cover up :)

I do believe that this photo is Christmas 1985.  It's the first year in the new house and that kitty is Apollo.  Hillary got him for Christmas that year.

Cabo San Lucas.  I think it was 1993.  I loved that shirt that I was wearing in this photo.  I bought it in Cabo and I think I wore it for 10 years.  I'm not one to give up on a garment, that's for sure.  I have always loved this photo of us.

These last two photos and the one with me in my robe are the ones that my Uncle took.

This is my Uncle Alan (my Uncle Matthew took the photo) and I'm wearing his wrestling helmet and holding some stuffed dog that I honestly do not remember.  My Uncle Alan passed away about 10 years later, so every photo with him is very precious to me.  I'm so very grateful to have another photo to add to my Uncle Alan collection.

The back of this photo said K.I.Sawyer Airforce Base, Thanksgiving 1968.  That's my Grandmother Henry holding me.   I had never seen this photo before the other day.  How fun!!

Well.  I had fun showing these to you.  I hope you enjoyed bouncing around through time with me and my family. 



Unknown Mami said...

The picture of you next to the statue is sooo cute.

Ann said...

It was such fun to see you with your sisters. If yours are like mine, they are among your very dearest friends now.

I was/am the oldest of three too and by now we've been through a lot together. Even though we haven't always been geographically close together.

A in the UP

Just Breathe said...

What a fun post. I just loved looking at all the pictures. The one in the robe is very colorful!
I guess you passed the statue up by now!

Anonymous said...

I loved all those photos .. what a great post and I have to tell you the statue photo and the robe actually had me laughing out loud .. permanent grin. too funny. I love looking at old photos. Thanks for sharing! .. PS: i didn't know last week was sibling week. I didn't get the memo LOL.

jennifer said...

I love the sister photos. In truth, they make me wistful for the sister I never had.

Your hair and shirt in the Cabo San Lucas photo were so pretty! I've had sweatshirts that I can't give up on. I have a photo of my oldest wearing a sweatshirt that I wore as a freshman in high school - it's over twenty years old!

The ocean is even bigger now, knowing you are on the other side of it. I'm praying this is the most amazing trip you've ever taken!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Great pics! The one of you by the knight...you look like a little dutch doll. Precious!