Thursday, February 25, 2010

One of those weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks where your life just sort of gets away from ya?

I got home on Saturday night from Rome.  By the time I actually got to bed, it was 7am Rome time.  I had been awake and traveling for about 26 hours.  So this meant that Sunday was pretty much a wash for having anything productive happening.    Tom and I actually went to Whole Foods together, but he had already been to the regular grocery store earlier in the day, so this trip was just filler.  We got mostly cheese and bacon :)  I was so tired that I think I just wandered and smiled :)

I unpacked, talked with my tenants, snuggled with the kitty, took a nap and watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.  I DVRd the prime time coverage of the Olympics because it was just killing me that I was missing it, but I really couldn't complain too much - I was in ROME!  and that folks, was great.

 So that was Sunday and today is Thursday.

What happened to the week??

I have been on the computer a lot.  An awful lot actually.  I've been editing my photos from the trip and that seems to be taking a million hours.  I have the Olympics on in the background, too.

I took a ton of pictures and I want to show them all to you. 

How interested are you in seeing 1533 photos?


I didn't think so.  That's a lot of crooked pictures.

Here's just a sampling of what I've gotten edited so far.

I had to edit out the crookedness.  I swear, all of my photos are tilted about 2 or 3 degrees.  


This was the street where were were staying.  At one end of the street was the Coliseum and at this end was this rounded building, which was a church.

I think this is part of  St. Paul Outside the Walls..  Love the row upon row of columns.

One of the churches that we visited had all of these little white heart confetti pieces all over the parking lot.  It was Valentines Day, but I think the hearts were for a wedding.

Candles were seen in nearly all of the churches we visited. 

...but some of the churches only had these electric ones. 

Pyramid Cestius - Wikipedia info "The pyramid was built about 18 BC–12 BC as a tomb for Gaius Cestius Epulo, a magistrate and member of one of the four great religious corporations at Rome. It is of brick-faced concrete covered with slabs of white marble standing on a travertine foundation, measuring 100 Roman feet (29.6 m) square at the base and standing 125 Roman feet (37 m) high."

We drove by this on the bus, as it really isn't a touring kind of pyramid.  It's sort of stuck in the middle of a wall now.  

This is just an interesting section of one of the large doors of a church.

This is part of the church that had the heart confetti in the parking lot.  This gate/door is just gorgeous!  We all got out picture taken next to it :)  But once again, the photo of me is on someone elses camera. 

You can see how big this door is - Ann was one of my travel-mates.  She's from Boston and I kept asking her to say "Leather" so I could have a laugh!  She says "Letha" tee-hee!

Be sure and click on this photo to enlarge it.  The pieces of glass are tied with a thick cording and hang like a strand of Christmas lights.  It was truly unique.

Just some candy at a cash register.

This is believed to be the original manger that was used by baby Jesus.  It took me a few minutes to find the wooden manger under all of the glass and gold, but it's there.

This was a cute sign inside of a department store that we visited.

Ahhh, the Sexy Shop! 

I saw this as we were driving by on the bus.

Interesting bit of detail in an outside parking area.

We went to this very interesting overlook of the city. There was a war memorial there and maybe a hundred of these busts of men who were instrumental in the Italian military.  This guy reminded me a bit of Colonel Sanders, so I thought it might be interesting to get his profile looking over the city.

The sign above (in the B/W photo) said that the Holy Stairs may only be climbed on ones knees.

I love a row a snowglobes. :)

and I'll end with a photo of me standing next to the River Tiber.  I had someone take this with my camera so I'd be sure to have one photo at least!

The red windbreaker was my signature piece.  I wore black the first day but on the second day when I wore the red jacket in the rain, it was just determined by the group that I was much easier to keep track of when I was in red.  Not sure why I needed to be kept in line, but I went with it :)  I usually wore my black jacket under this, so it worked out well. I was warm and visible.

Have a great weekend folks! 



jb said...

Roam where you want to....roam around the world...B52's

Just Breathe said...

I am in love with these pictures. I am going to go back and look at them again. When you said manger I though NO WAY. Then I read further and see the wooden one inside, that is awesome. Love that door!
Thank you so much.

jennifer said...

Your photos are wonderful. I especially loved the gate with the stained glass - gorgeous!

I laughed at the group needing to keep up with you. I can just picture you running around snapping pictures and the group trying to keep tabs on you. Ha! But I'm glad you are sharing those photos.

Tricia said...

What an experience! Your photos are beautiful, and I found myself a little lost in them for a few moments. Thats a good thing, huh?! ;)
The manger freaks me out a little. If it is indeed the actual manger of Christs' birth, then I would say that there has been a great deal of blasphemy commited with all of that gold. Eek! So much for leaving well enough alone.

I am excited to see more photos, but believe me when I say that I understand the undertaking that is sorting, trashing, and editing photos. Good luck.

Loria said...

I love the wooden manger and when I read the first part my mind said "no way it's supposed to be wood" and then I read the rest and took a closer look. I also love your red windbreaker and it's funny they wanted to keep track of you. I can just see your wandering here and there snapping photos left and right and the rest of the party saying "where's kristin again or we lost kristin again" LOL.