Monday, February 01, 2010

Pot Roast dinner

I had planned on giving this wonderful photo tutorial on how I make a pot roast and I didn't take a single photo of the cooking roast, the finished roast or anything with the roast.  So I'm just going to talk about these little gourmet onions and potatoes that made a regular ol' pot roast into something special.

I have always wanted to buy these little onions that I've seen in the grocery store, but I've never thought of a good way to use them.  We were completely out of potatoes and onions to put in the pot roast so this time when I saw the little onions I knew that today was day.

Then, because I bought the little onions the little potatoes were just a given at this point.  I should have picked up two packages of the onions because this just wasn't enough.  That's OK though, we just didn't get to have any little onions to go with the left over pot roast. 

Why didn't we have any left over?  because we ate every single one of them.  YUM!

This was my dinner.  See all those little onions?  Yep, they were wonderful.

We made a gravy and I somehow let Tom talk me into using the fat from the pot roast instead of using some butter.  I used very little gravy on my food but it didn't matter -  it made me sick to my stomach about 10 minutes after I finished dinner.  Ugh.  It was just awful.    The gravy tasted good though and Tom didn't have a bit of trouble, so it was definitely my tender stomach.  I think it was just too fatty for me but the pot roast was delicious, the carrots divine and the little onions and potatoes were incredibly delicious.

We had left over pot roast for dinner last night and I didn't have a lick of trouble, so it was the gravy that bothered me, as I had suspected.  

In the near future I will write a little tutorial on how to make a pot roast (and make the gravy the way I like to do it) because I had no idea how easy it was to make until just two years ago.  Tom came home one day from visiting Michigan and told me that his mother made pot roast for him one of the nights he had dinner with them.    I told him to call her up and get the recipe.  It was then that I found out that it wasn't difficult at all.  We've been making pot roasts (mostly in the winter) ever since. 

Have a great week!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I loooove onions....this post made me hungry!

Anonymous said...

It looks delicious. I always do roast in the crock pot otherwise it turns out dry as heck. I look forward to your recipe. I'll use just a bit of meat and lots and lost of onions, potatoes and carrots ... yummo!