Thursday, February 04, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444, from Half-Past Kissing Time, hosts Friday Fragments each week.    I'm going to Rome in less than a week!  I swear it's all that I can think about. Thank goodness it's fragment day so I can get these little short stories out of my brain.  Thanks so much for coming by here each week.   Please visit Mrs. 4444's Fragmented post so you can find even more fragmented posters like me.

I am running myself ragged trying to get ready to go away.    As usual there are a few extra things that crept in that totally flipped my week, but that's OK.  I'm renting one of my condos tomorrow, so that's an added blessing.  Very much an added blessing.


My doctor.  Oh my goodness I am so mad at him I can hardly stand it.  When I get back from my trip I'm going to someone else if I have to pay cash to see them.  Until then, I have to go see him tomorrow for an office visit because he won't prescribe two water pills for my flight without an office visit.  It's like he holds me hostage.  The last time I needed something filled he wouldn't refill it until I came in.  I had to go without my long term insulin for three days because he wouldn't budge.  Ahhhhh! He wouldn't even give me a sample to last for a few days. 


I tossed my hat into the ring when I heard about a call for artists to be a part of a book.  This was supposed to happen the end of last year or Jan of this year.   Turns out that plans changed and the book was delayed many weeks.   I was getting a little nervous that I hadn't heard anything yet and that it might come when I was in Rome.  I'd heard that we would only have 10 days from the time we were given the key word for the artwork theme and the date it was due.   Well, I got the call and the submissions for the artwork was due yesterday.  In the midst of all of the craziness the call came.  Typical, right??!!   Well, I managed to find the piece that I thought best fit the theme and a photo that I loved, too and got it submitted.  Whew!   I'll provide a link to the website when it becomes public.  I'm just so excited though - my very first submission :)  It may not make the book, but at this point I am truly happy that I got it accomplished!


My friend Lori posted a video today that made me smile and laugh and sing!  I am not sure if everyone around the country knows of FAYGO brand pop, but it is very popular in my town as it was originally sold only in Michigan.  When I was a kid, we got a case of Sugar Free Faygo pop a few times a year.  It was such a treat!!  Anyway, here is a great Faygo song from 1970.  Thanks Lori!!


I decided to go for a test run today using the new bag that I got as my carry-on.  I wanted to see if it was comfortable, rolled well, stood up to parking lots, elevators, going through doors, etc.   I had a bunch of food and some Ensure drinks that had been donated to our transplant group.  No one had asked for any of these items in awhile, so I took all of it to the liver transplant support group today in hopes to get folks to take them home and use them :)  Well, something happened to one of the Ensure drinks and it exploded all over the inside of my brand new bag.  I didn't know this when I bought it, but my new bag has a waterproof interior!  Not a drop of that chocolaty drink soaked through to the outside.  On an even better note, several of the people at group today took everything that I offered!  Excellent! 


It's been a very long time since I've talked about a product that I love.  I think now is the best time, don't you?!  I'm not getting paid to do this, it's just a spontanious product endorsement.  :)

I've been a big fan of splashless bleach for several years now, but it was still a little too thin for pouring into the teeny tiny bleach reservoir in my front loader dispenser tray.  Not to mention that the tray is at my eye level, so I'm literally pouring over my head.  Well, a few months back I found HE Clorox Bleach (High Efficiency).  It is super thick and I can control exactly how much bleach I want in the little reservois.  I've used the HE bleach in my sink when I wanted to bleach a single item and when I've wanted to disinfect some plastic items.  To me it works just like regular bleach and I feel like I don't need to change clothes into my bleach clothing in order to use it.


This is the first month in over a year that I am NOT participating in NaBloPoMo.  I thought that I'd give myself a break about posting every single day for this month.  I'm going to try to post every day while I'm in Rome, but if not, I'm sure you all will forgive me, right??!!  :) 

I hope you have a great weekend!


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I am soo behind and plan to stay here until I get caught up. ROME? THAT and Virgin dream vacay's. You lucky girl. I know I will be swooning over your Rome pics as much or more so than the Ireland pics.
Rome is also my youngest dream vacay. He is HUGE into world history, most notably "ancient history". BC of this love and interest HIs grandma told him for spring break she would take him to DC. He said, Grandma, I dont want to walk around in museums in DC, I want to go to GREECE and walk IN ancient history. I dont think that trip for him will pan out. LOL. But I will be showing him your blog. He is a huge HUGE "knight" fan too so take pics of the colliseum.

Look at me, once again barging in on your trip telling you what you must photograph. Ignore me. Have a GREAT time!
How long will you be gone?

Re: docs....I feel your pain. I began interviewing docs bc of the same thing. I had one doc that wouldnt prescribe and I was shocked when he said, "The insurance companu doesnt pay me when I prescribe you something. You have to come in my offcie for me to get paid." Shortly after I had horrible stomach pain. I called the office to make an appointment, the soonest he could see me was 3 weeks. I asked if I could get a referrel for the ER, he said NO!!!! (I also have differnt insurance now which doesnt require a referrel). By day 2 I was in sich pain, unable to stand straight, I went to the er at a differnt hospital that was not affiliated with hi, >They misdiagnosed me. I left. Another night in tremendous pain. By day three, I was certain I was dying. I called his office back. Told them about my ER visit. They again refused to give me a referral and again, could not see me for 3 weeks. I was certain I was going o die. I went to another hospital and found that my apendics had ruptured. Had I come in on day one I probably wouldve been ok-outptient surgery. Turns out I was dying. MY body was shutting down. The toxins had flooded my body. I woke up 4 days later.

When I was released from the hospital, his office called. SOmehow they had gotten wind of the situation. I was young, niave didnt know I had a potential lawsuit in my hands. They called and acted as if they were doing me a favor and siad they would write a referral in such a way it would be accepted. I let the lady have it. And I told her I would never return and I would tell everyone I knew about this man.

LOng story short (well not know), if you arent happy with your doc, def go see another.

MY GYN I can call anytime day/night and he will phone in anything unless he feels it necessary to see me. Hes the best.

Safe flight. LOVE!

RayeLee said...

Maybe our doctors are related! I hate mine too...

Have fun in Rome. I'd love to travel to another country, but that won't be happening any time soon.

mimbles said...

Have a wonderful time in Rome and good luck with your art submission!

Happy FF :-)

Caution Flag said...

Yes, you do need a new doctor. Hope you find a great one who doesn't mind skipping an office visit or two.

Rome?! I can't wait to read about your trip - and live a little vicariously.

Anonymous said...

wow, you need a new doctor for sure - I love all the ones I use and can't imagine having such poor service. Rome is going to be a blast - i don't know how you are sleeping at night - I can't wait to see it thru your posts and photos! FAYGO ROCKS!

jennifer said...

There are too many doctors out there with COMMON SENSE for you to stay with a hard head. Change when you get home - I like to know my best blog buds are in good hands.

I forgot to watch the video before I commented (duh). I know if you like it I will. Going to view it now.

jennifer said...

Oh my gosh that was the CUTEST thing! Very perky!

Now I want a Faygo cream soda :)

Just Breathe said...

I don't remember Faygo. Glad you have a renter. Doctors just have to be so careful but it does suck when they can't help you out. Wow, I can't believe the mess you had in your new bag, glad that worked out for you. That bleach sounds wonderful. I may get it just because I always fear the splash of it anyway!

Julie Stiles Mills said...

ROME!! Wow!!! I fall off the blogging wagon for a few weeks and . ... WOW!

I can't wait for the photos!!!!

Have fun! Stay safe!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Wow! Rome? How cool is that!

Have a great and safe holiday.

Mrs4444 said...

How great, that you could tie up so many loose ends before your trip. Wish your doctor was more helpful, though. Maybe he's been sued in the past or something??

I look forward to seeing what you submitted, regardless of the outcome.

That's a very nice commercial. Is it bad to say that I've never had a Faygo soda in my life?

Gladys said...

I hate when you have your week all planned out and someone puts a stitch in it.

Can't wait to hear about Rome.

Denise said...

Holy Cow, miranda! What a post.

I remember that guy in the Faygo ad--his voice/laugh hit me first, then i just knew that face. What else did he do ads for, do ya know?

The bleach idea is so cool. Everytime i bleach something in the kitchen sink i get yelled at if i don't tell EVERYBODY that i did--somebody always walks away with an ugly white spot. except me. hey, i knew it was there. I could smell it! I'm gettin some HE1

funny bag story, HaHaHa!

ARE YOU STILL WITH THAT SAME DOCTOR???? Send him my way, i'll take care of him for ya!

slow down, take a deep breath!