Thursday, March 10, 2011

Enchilada Pie

I took on a challenge today.

Not a big one to a lot of people, but for me, it was pretty big.

I was going to attempt to make a Mexican food dish for our Mexican Fiesta night at our potluck.

About the only slightly Mexican food I make are Nachos...but really it's more like chips and cheese. 

So I went to my favorite place to ask for help.


Oh and my Facebook friends came through with many suggestions!!

I chose Enchilada Pie from the wife of a childhood neighbor boy.  He and I attended school together from Second grade through High School graduation.  She married him and I just adore her.

Above are most of the ingredients for the Enchilada Pie.
Ground turkey, Mexican cheese, diced tomatoes with garlic and onion,  black olives, enchilada sauce, corn tortillas, frozen corn and cumin.  I also added in about a cup of Greek yogurt. 

Cook the ground turkey quickly, five minutes tops, so it doesn't get tough.
Stir, chop, flip, repeat.

While that's cooking and you aren't stirring, chopping and flipping, chop up some black olives.

Also open up the can of enchilada sauce and the diced tomatoes. 

When the turkey is just cooked add in the tomatoes, enchilada sauce, the black olives and the corn.  Simmer for a few minutes.  At this point I also added in a clove of garlic because I couldn't find the diced tomatoes that had both onions and garlic in them.  So I just added in fresh garlic.

stir, simmer, stir, turn off the heat.

Start layering.

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to coat the corn tortillas with enchilada sauce before layering the dish, so I dunked the tortillas into the meat mixture just to get them slightly coated.  I also wasn't sure if I could overlap the tortillas.  I didn't on the bottom row, but realized that it needed a thicker layer so I overlapped a bit.

The second and third layers (of only three) I added in some Greek yogurt and just frosted the top of the tortilla layer.  I thought it might add a bit more flavor and keep it from getting too dry.  (I was afraid of that since I used more meat than called for in the recipe)

Tortillas - Greek yogurt - meat mixture - Mexican cheese - repeat three times or until your dish is full and your ingredients are finished :)

Bake covered, then a uncover it and bake a few minutes more.

I didn't taste it until the potluck so I was a little nervous.

I keep doing this - taking things to potluck I've never made before.

Thankfully I've never had a disappointing dish.

This was really good!  The only things I would have changed was I would have added in even more enchilada sauce.  I thought it should be a tiny bit soupy, but it wasn't.  I also would have brought some sour cream to plop on top when I served it, but I didn't.  :)

No matter what I thought it needed, there wasn't a drop left to bring home.  It was a hit.

Thanks Amy!!  I now have one more thing I can make!

Let me know if you try this dish and if you changed anything.

The full recipe is below.

Have a great day!

Enchilada Pie --- from the recipe box of Amy Stiles

3qt baking dish
350ยบ oven

1 lb ground turkey
1 Tbl olive oil
2tsp ground cumin
1/2c enchilada sauce (I used the whole 10oz can)
1can/15oz diced tomato with garlic and onion
1can/4oz green chilies (I omitted these)3/4c sliced black olives
1c frozen corn kernels
Flour or corn tortillas (I used corn)
1 bag/8 oz light Mexican Cheese (I used about 12 oz)
(1c Greek Yogurt - sour cream or even cream cheese if you desire)

Heat oil, cook the ground turkey 5 minutes.  Do not overcook.  Stir in cumin, tomatoes, enchilada sauce, and chilies.  Simmer 10 minutes.  Turn off the heat and add in corn and olives.

Layer in dish - Tortillas, (yogurt), meat, cheese repeat.

Top layer - Tortillas.  (Oh, I didn't do this!  ooops.  I guess that's why it would make it look like a pie)

Cover with foil.  Bake 30 minutes.  Remove foil, top with remaining cheese, bake an additional 10 minutes. Remove and let rest 5-10 minutes.  (Or put into the back of the car and drive it to your potluck dinner)


Debby@Just Breathe said...

This sounds delicious, I am definately going to try it! I might even try it with black beans so my daughter can eat it. Thank you for the recipe.

Keetha Broyles said...

That looks YUMMY!!!

And HOW did you sneak in so many posts without me finding them?????

Matty said...

I don't think I've ever had enchiladas, but it sure looks good.