Friday, March 18, 2011

Waldo Flea Market

It's been almost a week since I visited Waldo Flea Market and I'm still thinking about it.  In fact, there are a few vendors that I'd love to stop by and see again.

I've already talked a bit about the trip in these two posts - Souvenir Land and  Route 301 Florida.

Here's one of the main walkways in the flea market.  Boiled peanuts, cosmetics, car parts, misc vintage and junky junk, some food and lots and lots to see.

There were a lot of farm tables at the flea market.  It wasn't all local, but it really looked good.  Before Tom's liver transplant I would have picked up a grapefruit or two for him, but grapefruit is no longer allowed in his diet.  Grapefruit is so good at boosting immune systems that it would make his immune suppressant drugs null and void.  

At one booth you could ride a pony and buy a chicken!
I didn't see the ponies though.

Some of the vendors aren't as organized and neat as others. 

I liked several of these signs.  I think I spent a half hour wandering around this guys "area."

He got a phone call while I was there about this Coke sign.  Someone wanted to trade him something for it, but he wasn't going for it. 

This Miami Beach sign was one of the things that I pondered.  Funny thing, I never once looked for the price on it.   I have no idea what he was asking for it...bummer.  The Home of the 500 plate is cool, too!

Here are the full sized Dutch kids.  I featured them as the Photo of the Day here in, More Kisses. They were marked $25 each.  I can't imagine buying one without the other!

This shop, with the Dutch kids, the bowling pin and the letters, had a lot of items that I would have loved to acquire and put in my booth.  Well, I used to have an antique booth about 9 years ago and I loved finding cool stuff to put in it.  I'm thinking about doing it again - although you can't buy from another dealer and expect to make money.  So I passed on almost everything.

She had a great deal on these letters though.  The whole lot for $10 or $1 each.  I chose to just buy a C for a dollar. 

I'll leave the flea market with this photo.  This gal carried her bicycle around the entire flea market.  I think she might have been a regular here, either that or really friendly, because she talked with a lot of vendors. 

I had fun at the flea market, that's for sure.  It might be worth it one weekend to load up the car with a ton of stuff and rent a booth down there.  It looked like people were buying and that's a very good sign.

Have a wonderful weekend,


lisleman said...

Do you think if I paid a little extra I could ride a pony and chase the chickens - that would be fun. Actually just chasing chickens on foot would be cool.

jennifer said...

I am almost drooling over the signs. I would like to have a couple more vintage street signs.

Have a great weekend!

42N said...

Love your flea market photos especially the Indiana plate.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That looks like it was fun. I love all the old signs. Can't imagine carrying a bicycle around!

Keetha Broyles said...

Maybe that gal is a traveling saleswoman - - - I mean she's certainly got a pack full o stuff on her BACK and all.

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Did you get a chance to visit Ms. Mattie's World Famous Funnel Cakes? I here the food and service is excellent.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I have really never had a funnel cake, so I didn't have one, but I did see one!!