Monday, March 07, 2011

POTD - Cottage cheese and peaches

POTD - Cottage cheese and peaches
©2011 Kristin Corlett

I know this isn't a dish that everyone will love, but cottage cheese and peaches are one of my favorite snacks.  I had forgotten about it for a long time and rediscovered it a few weeks ago.  I also like cottage cheese with mixed fruit, pineapple or pears...but peaches are my favorite.  I buy the little snack packs in fruit juice and I pour the whole thing in the dish.  Cottage cheese has 13grams of protein in just a 1/2 c serving.  I had forgotten it was so high in protein!  Yummy goodness and protein to boot!

I took this photo outside on my patio.  I put the bowl of goodness on the little step stool/chair that was my Grandmother Corlett's.  



lisleman said...

I thought twice before coming over here after reading the title. I hate cottage cheese except I heard it might be found in lasagna which I like. So if it is in that great pasta dish, I'm not listening. What I don't know won't hurt me.

Jene said...

Yum! I used to love cottage cheese, but for some reason it just hasn't tasted the same to me after my pregnancy. Stupid hormones :/

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It looks delicious. Growing up my grandmother would make fruit dumplings. They would be boiled. Then we would put dry cottage cheese (hard to find now) and butter & sugar on them. It was to die for.