Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Gifts and Goodies

I think I'm back to life.  

I swear, working the home show just sucks the life out of me.  I don't know how in the world people can work those things week after week.  Maybe a person can get used to it.  Well, I'm not going to try!  The whole reason why we do the home show is to promote the Monkey Bars Garage Storage System and to drum up interest in the product - ultimately giving estimates and installing.  The show has so far been a success.  We didn't get as many estimate sign ups as we have in previous shows, but nearly all have requested Tom to come out and give an estimate this week and he already has a job scheduled for tomorrow morning.   Life is good. 

Now that I am back in the land of the living and not off vacationing with Bob I can finally show you some of the delightful goodies she brought with her on her visit.  She knows me so well, that of course I loved every little thing.

I have already started reading Tim Gunn's book - Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work.  I love little lessons and Tim - perfect combination.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've watched these two movies. I do already own Music and Lyrics, but I'm going to take this copy to Gulf Shores and leave it in the condo there.  Overboard was recorded on VHS so many many years ago by my sisters, then I'm sure I recorded it on VHS for my own place and now I think I may have it on the DVR.  I'm so happy to have it on DVD :)

The shark in a hula skirt is just so Bob, that's is perfect for me, too!  If she has a shark mailbox it would one day be dressed like this.  If she had a manatee mailbox it'd be dressed like this!!   We have exchanged Christmas ornaments in the past, but I don't recall that I sent her one this past year.  Well, our gift giving has been pretty sporadic the past few years, so I don't think I did. 

Then if all of that wasn't enough, she gave me this gorgeous purse!  It's leather, with pockets and a plaid interior and has a long strap, a very long strap :)  I love it.  I don't have a small purse like this anymore and I've been wanting one - so this couldn't be more perfect.

While we were out and about the very first day of our adventures I found some pottery.  Both of these pieces were found in galleries just a block of Centre St in Fernandina Beach.  There were three galleries in one house.  I got the plate above in the one called "Slightly Off Centre" and the red bowl below was from the Amelia Gallery.  I think my husband has used this bowl a dozen times since I brought it home.  He just loves it.  I guess I made a great choice.

The plate is something I've been looking for for years.  One of my very first blog posts (Broken Pottery) I talked about how I cracked one of my favorite plates.  I've been looking for a fairly deep plate, in a beautiful glaze, that could be my dinner plate.  I have not broken the other pottery plate, so I only neeed one.  This one isn't as thick as my originals, so I'm going to have to be a bit more careful, but it is lovely and just what I wanted. 

So the pottery I bought for me.

and the gifts were given to me.

I guess this post is all about me!

Thanks Bob!!  I love the gifts. 
(Someday I'll get that chicken photo in the mail to you)

Hope you have a great day!


jb said...

I love the photo of the shark ornament that has Tim Gunn looking over the shark's shoulder, like a fashion fairy godfather.
Would he be saying "Make it Work" or "I think you need to edit this look before the runway"?!
I love to shop for people I love.
I love to shop with people I love.
>POP goes my heart<
"Caviar should be firm and round and burst in your mouth"

Ann in the UP said...

Your pottery choices are beautiful. I have a bowl that was a Christmas gift that's "just the right size" and we use it all the time. I'm glad it is ok in the dishwasher.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Awesome gifts. That ornament is really cute. Two of my favorite movies too! That purse is really nice. What a sweet friend you have.
Also the pottery you bought is beautiful.