Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friday Fragments

It's Friday Fragments Day!!
It's Friday Fragments Day!
It's Friday Fragments Day!
It's Friday Fragments Day!  
It's Friday Fragments Day!

Welcome to Friday Fragments!  This is the place where we're able to put little snippets of fun or interesting things together without having to stretch that idea into an entire blog post.

Mrs. 4444 is our lovely host and I am so grateful for her continued hosting of this fun carnival.  For more Friday Fragment finds, please head on over to Half-Past Kissin' Time.  Thanks!


If you are a Facebook user you might have noticed a change in your page the past couple of days.  If not, that change is coming.  If you aren't happy about the new changes, get ready because it's changing again!  If you'd like to see a video about it, click here.  That will take you to a few videos on Mashable that explain things.  It looks cool! (even though I'm never crazy about change.)

Thursday (Sept 22) is day number 265 in the year 2011.  That means that there are only 100 days left in this year.  100 days!  What are you going to do with your last hundred of 2011?  I've got 100 more photos to take, one per day.  I think I will also  do some kind of exercise for the next 100 days.  Maybe one minute of leg lifts or sit ups or maybe I can just make it a minute of general moving.  This will hopefully lead me to doing more than a minute, but won't be scary to start if it's just a minute.  I have a minute a day.  I've already got my photo taken today and about 5 minutes of intentional exercise, so I'm good for day 265.

I was involved in putting together Big Fun Boxes that are being delivered to children around the U.S. who have been hospitalized.  I wrote about it the other day and it really made me think about how easy it is to create a small gift to take to someone in the hospital - little kids and big kids, too!  (You know, those adults in your life.)  I think several of my liver transplant friends would have liked to have something like this, too.  The squeezable stress toy is truly a great idea to have in your hand when getting a procedure done that makes you nervous. 

I "liked" the Facebook page MyPublisher a few weeks ago and because I did that I was given the opportunity to order a mini book for free.  This included free shipping, too.  All it took was my time to figure out what 21 photos I wanted in my mini book and to get them in the exact order that I wanted.  That took me a few hours, I have to admit.  The free mini book is only available for three days after you like their page so I did have a deadline.  The book arrived today and I love it!!   You can see what it looks like from the photos I interspersed in today's Friday Fragments post.  I now want to make one of my nieces for sisters and mom.  I want to make some for our transplant friends who come to Mayo Jacksonville.  I have so many ideas for that little mini book or even the bigger books, too.  I am just shocked at how much I liked the mini book.  I was just sure it wasn't going to be worth the effort, but the pages are thick enough and the colors are great.  I'm sold --- as I guess MyPublisher thought I would be, that's why they wanted me to get my free mini book!


Hope you have enjoyed my fragments this week.  Oh and all the hype I gave about My Publisher - they didn't pay me a thing to write that review.  I was compelled to do so when I received my mini book.  :0)

More cool stuff can be found at Mrs. 4444's place though, as the Friday Fraggers are linking up there.

Have a great weekend!


Keetha Broyles said...

Love the mini book. Can they include text too - or only photos?

Karen and Gerard said...

I just heard about the Facebook changes on TV this morning--something about sharing music and watching TV there--of which I would do neither.

I have two of those squeezie stress toys at work! I mentioned about the Big Fun Box project in my fragments today with a link to your post about it.

Ann in the UP said...

Yea, My Publisher. I agree that the book is very nice looking---of course it helps that YOUR pictures are in it instead of mine!!

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! Ya just gotta love that sweet Mrs. 4444's!

Only a 100 days left??? I better get crackin'! Heeehehehe :o)

Loved your fragments sweetie!

From the foggy fall hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a blessed and beautiful weekend!!!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Keetha - the mini books are photos only, with one line of text on the cover. The bigger books can accommodate text on all pages I think.

lisleman said...

Those picture books are very popular. We have gotten some of the grandkids. Regarding that text question above, you could put some small amount of text on the picture before you submit the picture. Landscape type pictures make good backgrounds for text. This reminds me of "Deep Thought by Jack Handey".

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love making photo books. I love your idea of starting with one minute each day. I need to do that too and I always feel so overwhelmed. What a great way to start with a simple goal.

42N said...

I like the mini book too. I am working on a book with Kodak Gallery as an experiment. Pretty amazing results from these books. You are such a great photographer. How can you turn pro (and make enough to live on?)

Lisa said...

My new obsession is foam core mounted enlargements. I have some in my office in a collage format. I will have to take a picture.

I do love the mini book!