Wednesday, September 07, 2011

100 Things that make me happy part III

While laying in bed last night trying my darnedest to fall asleep I decided to get out pen and paper and start writing.  Not wanting to wake up any more than necessary, I chose to write in the dark.

It's really not that bad and I  can read everything.  I was really on a roll of happiness because I filled up two pages front and back.

Here's a few more in my list of things that make me happy (that does not include food).

41.  My pillow.  I really like my own pillow.  I take it with me on vacations if I can and I do about everything possible to get that puppy in my bag.

42.  My bamboo sheets.  (can you tell I was writing this list in bed?!)  I bought the sheets at Target about 5 years ago and I love them.

43.  Unscented air freshener.  Oust used to make one and it was excellent! 

44.  My 365 Photo project - Here is the entire thumbnail set on Flickr.

45.  Friends that spend time teaching me a computer program.

46.  Doors - old doors, painted doors, ancient doors, rusty doors... I could go on and on.

47.  hardware stores - the old small town ones are the best.

48.  Thinking of the days that I would go to the Maywood Cafe with my Grandpa Corlett.

49.  A great old sign, especially when I have my camera with me.

50.  Having the bed to myself so I can write what makes me happy, while sprawled across the entire center of the bed. 

51. Playing the game Racko, Cross over the Bridge, Sorry, and other games.

52.  Scrubbies!  I have a whole drawer of them.  I use them like a washcloth in the shower.  I just bought half a dozen new ones to replace the ones that accidentally made it in the dryer.  Those get a little scratchy.

53.  Rediscovering something that I was just sure was lost.

54.  A kitten's mew.

55.  The Simon's Cat videos.

56.  Standing at an electronic door and telling the people behind me that I've got the door for them.

57.  Laughing at my own mistakes.  I'm really quite funny!

58.  Hearing just about any Journey song on the radio.

59.  Putting on a new pair of white leather tennis shoes.

60.  Receiving unexpected mail from friends!

Things that make me happy Part I and Part II.

Have a Great Day!!


Bettyann said...

Love it, and the simplicity of the things that bring happiness, I think I would have to put hanging with you on my list, that never fails to make me happy.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I haven't tried bamboo sheets, I will have to look into them. What makes them so special? I have a lovely Sealy pillow that is my best friend. We love scrubbies too but I don't have that many but I love when I find a nice sale on them! Love your list.

Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for the little jog down memory lane---I re-read the first installments. I love the Simon cartoons, and Racko and a great many other things on your list as well. Great way to count your blessing and put yourself to sleep at the same time. thanks.

lisleman said...

you can write in the dark? Being able to do that should make anyone happy. I would not be able to read my writing.
I guess you could write dark humor.

Lisa said...

I so wish we had more time to explore photoshop elements together when you visited. It was the last thing on my mind and I feel badly that I slighted you a chance. One of these days I want to get around to making some cool tutorials, but until then, please don't hesitate to ask me anything I might be able to help with!