Sunday, September 04, 2011

Karls Sausage Kitchen

This will not be the end of the cool signs from me, that's for sure - but I do believe this is the last of them from the photos I took on Route 1 in Massachusetts.

I liked almost everything about Karls Sausage Kitchen.  I liked the building - it looks like half of a barn on one side and a mod 60's house on the other.

I like the fancy old German font. 

The sign out by the road is just a hoot!  (That's my Scion posing with the sign)  They weren't open this day, otherwise I would have totally gone in to see what cool foods they had inside.

I think the best part of the sign are the little sausage ends!   It wouldn't have looked right without them.

Unknown Mami

Hope you enjoyed Karls Sausage Kitchen!  If you'd like to see more Sundays in my City, please head on over to Unknown Mami's place for the weekly SIMC carnival.  It's always a great time.



Tara R. said...

That is great sign! You were my inspiration for last week's SIMC set. It's fun now looking for these old signs.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Great sign. I didn't notice the little ends until you mentioned them but your right, it would have just looked like a hot dog without them! I just found a cute sign that for some reason I hadn't seen before not far from our house. I have to go back with my camera, the phone just didn't capture it well at all.

imaginelaughsmile said...

Great sign. I love to look for old signs or just old stuff.

Rebecca said...

There was this meat market down over by DeSoto?? or Hillsboro.....can't remember what place...anyway they had a sign that said, "You can't beat our meat". Still cracks me up today. Every time I see a sausage (or any meat), I think of that.

lisleman said...

sausage - it's funny all the time

jennifer said...

Makes my tummy hurt just thinking about it. Sausage and I... we are not friends. But I like your pictures!

Unknown Mami said...

I think you are right, the ends of the sausage are the perfect touch.