Sunday, September 11, 2011

Home of the Bulls Chips

My husband was very excited to be home and to have an entire day of College Football to watch, including his Michigan State University Spartans.

I wasn't as excited about football (but I do have my loyalties - Go State!) so I decided to spend the afternoon on a photo excursion.  I haven't done much of that since I've gotten home from my road trip a month ago, so it was about time!   I took a few unfamiliar roads and ended up finding Hastings - Florida's Potato Capital.  

I had no idea what was to come just a mile into town...

The first place I stopped was the Florida Museum, which looked like it was probably a very cool place at one time.  I would have loved to poke around here when it was open...if I'd only known.

Above the front door was this football player.  He is in really great shape for hanging out over a door 24/7.

Farm machinery of all types were all over the place.  These were the nicest of the bunch. 

Now, right across the street from the Florida Museum was this place. 
Bull's Hit Ranch and Farm. 
Their big draw? (Besides their name)
They made potato chips!

Bulls Chips to be exact.

This was their production facility, store and amusements. 

I looked them up online and it looks like they were open in 2010, but I couldn't find any mention of them being open at all this year.  They'd been around for at least a dozen years and had their Bulls Chips in a lot of stores and had an online shop for awhile. 

This was their truck out by the road. 

I like the tag line on the truck, "From the little Chippery in Hastings...Florida's Potato Capital."  Oh, actually I quoted that wrong.  It's spelled Captal on the truck.  ha!

Handmade potato chips from Bull's Hit Ranch and Farm.

What a treasure.  I sure wish they were still open.  I wanted to have a bag of chips at least!

Unknown Mami

I wonder what other sights there are to see in Unknown Mami's  carnival, Sundays in my City?  I guess we're going to have to go on over and find out.

Hope you have a great day!


sheila said...

AWESOME POST! I loveeeeeeeeee all these photos! Nostalgic and so cool! LOVE the name of that place, lol!

urban muser said...

looks like you had a great photo excursion.

Tara R. said...

Hasting is a treasure trove of photo opps. Too bad about Bull Chips, your post made me hungry for some too.

brainella said...

How fun! Definitely wouldn't want to be around those hanging farm tools when a good breeze comes along. I love the picture of the bull on the roof. :)

Vidya Sury said...

What wonderful pictures. I especially love the one of the truck with the bull holding the "Handmade Potato chips" sign!

Ann in the UP said...

We all want chips. We want chips, we want chips, we want chips!

Great photo excursion!!

Leovi said...

Nice pictures of this interesting museum.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

We pass that place every time we go to St Augustine. =)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love these pictures. It does look like it was a cool place. Did you ever have their chips?

Erin said...

What great pics! My 1st thought was Bull Durham when he hit that home run and it hit the bull....I wonder if they made bull chips!

KB said...

Great pics.

I'd love you to share your pics with me at Walkabout

Unknown Mami said...

Aw, now I want some Bull Chips. At first the sound of Bull Chips didn't seem to appetizing to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you didn't get to have any of these chips. They are amazing and the owners are so very nice. They would be proud of your coverage. I was going online to see if they were still open and found your site/story. But it looks like they shut down for good. That is very sad. Their chips were like cape cod kettle chips except way better, I swear.

Anonymous said...

I've had their chips and they were awesome. I especially liked their datil pepper flavored ones. As another poster said, their chips were way better than Cape Cod Chips as they were thicker.

I had the opportunity to speak with the owner personally a few years ago, right after he stopped making his chips. He told me he had heart trouble and couldn't run the business any more. He asked me if I wanted to buy his business.

Every once in a while I wish I think of doing just that and resurrecting his chips, as well as making them under a more appetizing brand name.

Unknown said...

I had Bull's Chips a few times between 1996 and 2002, and I thought they were the best potato chips I ever had. You could get them from Albertson's for $3 a bag at one point. Alas, I didn't even think the ranch was in business after 2002. I also wish datil peppers (which they used to flavor the chips) were grown outside of the St. Augustine area; those are a special treat as well.

lezlibelle said...

I have...they were incredible. I'll never have chips like those again.

lezlibelle said...

They were unmatched. I shipped them to Virginia by the case.