Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The azaleas are blooming!

I don't love the pollen that is literally falling down in sheets, but I do love the azaleas that are blooming all around the city.

Most of the azaleas that are planted in the medians are trimmed within an inch of their lives, so the blooms are small and contained.

This azalea bush I found in a neighborhood was truly wild and carefree!  Click the photos to enlarge.  They are gorgeous!  I can't help but get a huge smile on my face when I see wild azalea bush :)

I need to get out and take more photos of these beautiful flowers before spring is over.  It's a very short period here in Florida.  Spring can be completely over in just 10 days.  Thankfully we've still had some cool evenings so maybe we can get three weeks out of this spring.

Have a great week!


Terri said...

such vibrant color!!

jennifer said...

I like pink azaleas the best. My parents have huge white azalea bushes in their yard and when the blooms begin withering, they look like used tissues. And with that visual still in your mind...

Have a great day!

Just Breathe said...

I love azaleas. We don't have any at this house but we did at our last house. They would be blooming now too!

Anonymous said...

i planted an azalea last year - of course I don't think Michigan Azaleas (more specifically mine) will ever bloom as pretty as the FL ones, but I'm hoping to get some blooms anyway - if the pesky deer and rabbits don't eat the buds.