Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cats, Cokes, Candies and Karma

Rome one day and Savannah the next.  I'm going to Gulf Shores, AL the end of next week to hang out with my mom and a few Alabama bloggers(!!!) so I've got to get caught up somehow with all of these sights and sounds from the last two cities before I go.  Either that or I'll be talking about Rome for the next year :) 

The cat in the photo above caught my eye in a bookstore.  I loved the way they had it sitting in the window - it was pretty dark in this window that I didn't even notice the burgler looking bookend guy until I looked at the photo later.  It's so fun when that happens.  I called this photo catburgler!

Pete the Cat - his website

I loved this book. I wanted to buy it for Zora, but when I was ready to take it to the register I thought that maybe it wasn't quite appropriate for her.  I know Alison and Jim would like it, but it might be grown up humor in a kids book.  Well, anyway, I took a picture of it and I loved the store it was in, too.  The store is A.T. Hun.  Oh Tom loved that store.  We stopped by there after dinner on Saturday night because there was a picture of "The Dude" outside. The Dude is from the movie The Big Lebowski.  It just so happens that the guy who created the painting (and many more inside the store) was working the shop that evening, so he and Tom were exchanging their favorite lines from the movie.  It was quite funny. 

I saw these for the first time in Rome and thought it was unusual but when I was in Savannah I saw them again - have you seen these?  Have you had one?

If you are wondering what I'm talking about, it's the aluminum Coke bottles above.  They are smaller bottles and cost more.  I think the bottles look really cool, but I'm not sure if they are worth twice the price!

Then I found these lovelies.  Yummm, pralines!  There were samples being given at the door, so I wasn't tempted to buy any to take home.  It was a pretty cold day, but this candy store was hot.  The sweet, buttery, chocolaty, pecany smell.  The warmth of the freshly made candies.  The dozens and dozens of tourists crowded into the shop.  It made for a nice little hot spot :) 

 I thought it might be fun to get a little palm reading or possibly see what the Tarot cards said about me, since Tom wasn't with me.  He'd just tease me to no end!

But after seeing these stairs, I had a feeling my reading might say something like -- "you are stuck on this floor until someone comes to help you down the stairs because I see a fall in your future!"  Those steps were steep, uneven and just plain scary.  So, I didn't go.

Cats, Cokes, Candies and Karma :)  That's some of what I found in Savannah.

Hope you've had a great week!


Just Breathe said...

Catburgler is perfect! No I haven't seen those can. (I bought stamps with Skye's picture on them and they were double the price) I do want those pralines, they look awesome. I don't think I would have gone up either but it's an exciting thought.

jennifer said...

When they came out with Mountain Dew in the special (more expensive) bottles, my kids loved them and wanted to buy them.

#2 - TONS OF SUGAR = no.
#4 - MOM IS MEAN = heck no.

Those pralines look sooooo good.

The steep stairs do create a certain mood that would be perfect for a palm card reading though. My palm reading would have read "Lay off the pralines and coke - your pulse is beating HARD in the palm of your hand and it isn't good."

Loria said...

hahaha catburglar! those pralines look delicious. I haven't seen those particular type of cokes but I have seen the smaller cans. I am sometimes tempted to buy them even though they are more expensive. I can't tell you how many 1/2 full cans I end up dumping out. Have fun in Alabama!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

LOVE Savannha. One of my favorite places.
The drink...havent seen em, will have to be on the lookout. But cost more, I am with you....not worth the price.
I want a praline!
Pete the cat....teh most bestest bookstore in the world is in Fairhope. They feature Pete the cat books, posters, stationary...the author has been there. Might have to go when you come!