Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wallpaper and more wallpaper

What did you do on your Spring Break?

Why, I went to a hip and happening beach town and volunteered myself to remove wallpaper from the condo master bathroom.  In fact, I suggested the task.

I'm crazy, what can I tell ya. 

The bathroom had blue tulip wallpaper, with a tulip wallpaper border.  Underneath that was another wallpaper that was an orangey southwesterny kind of paper.  It probably wasn't southwestern but that's what it reminded me of as I was stripping it off the walls.  The tulip paper came right off the wall.  The other one, not so much.  

I'm not sure where the striped pieces came from to cover the outlet covers, but they were the exact same colors as the tulip paper.

My Mom is giving such a look!  She said to me that she wasn't even posing! 

Actually, the steamer made the removal of both papers, really easy.  It was just tiring and of course - sticky.  Having two of us in there working really made it go fast.  One person could steam a portion and then hand off the steamer to the other person so they could steam a section while the other one scraped off what they just steamed - back and forth.  The same with washing down the walls after we got all the paper off - one washed and the other rinsed the sponge of all of the goo.  We constantly had one sponge in use and one sponge being rinsed.  We actually ran out of hot water this afternoon!  We took this as a sign to go buy supplies and have lunch.

We have now completed the rinsing of the goo phase of the project and are going to be entering the spackling and painting phase of the project in the morning. 

But first we are going to try to watch the sunrise.  We tried that this morning but it was pouring rain.  So we're going to try it again.  Then by golly we are going to attempt to finish the bathroom.  I'll be sure and take pictures.

Gotta run!


jennifer said...

VERY good choice to remove the paper.

Quirk sharing time... I am not a fan of floral pictures or patterns in colors that can't be found in the natural. I've never seen a blue tulip (though maybe they exist).

At Christmas, I don't like snowflakes in colors other than white. When I see a green or a red snowflake decoration, it makes me think of Hazmat suits.

So there you have it - another reason to question our blogger meet up this weekend :)

Unknown Mami said...

Wow! I can't believe this was your suggestion. I think you just scored some karma points.

Loria said...

seems like the last 20 years I've done one house/remodel/yard project after another. Although I have a few teeny tiny ones left, I couldn't attempt another large one for at least 2 years. Kudos!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Haven't HAD my spring break yet!!! It starts TOMORROW!!! But I can pretty much guarantee you that I will NOT be stripping wall paper.

I'm pretty sure my break will involve A LOT of sitting, blogging, sleeping, reading, and otherwise being very indolent.

Just Breathe said...

Those were the days, wallpaper and borders. I actually had borders in several rooms in my last house.
They were put up in the early 90's.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I sooo agreee with Kristin!

I am looking forward to seeing you!

PS you mom is a doll.

Terri said...

I knew when I saw the photos on FB that I could come here and get the story! :o)

When we moved into our house almost 11 years ago. Every room had wallpaper. And not only that, double pasted and two layers of wallpaper. A very unpleasant task to remove. I now have exactly ONE bedroom with a small accent border of wallpaper in the whole house and I'm quite happy with that.

Mrs4444 said...

I look forward to the "after" shots! :)