Monday, March 22, 2010

Gulf Shores bathroom before and after

This was the bathroom before.

And this is the bathroom nearly after.

I say nearly because we didn't get completely finished before I left, but we got really really close.

The walls were stripped of the wallpaper (both layers) and then spackled.  The walls underneath all that paper was in terrible condition.  They weren't primed or painted and there were large gouges and rough patches.  It was a much bigger job than I ever imagined.

After patching and sanding and patching and sanding again and sometimes a third time - we painted the walls and all of the trim a bright white satin.  It's Gorgeous!!  (The cabinets and doors will be painted white as well, but that may not be this trip but you never know.)  My Mom and I discussed many different color options for the walls, but we both got kind of excited to have a bright white bathroom.   The small wall next to the toilet may still be painted a different color, but for right now, it's white.

We thought the accessories would add to the character of the room. 

Thankfully we had two different art shows in the area and we were both very confident that some interesting and fun art would be found.

We weren't disappointed.

OK, the theme for the condo is beachy.

One of the very first booths that we saw at the Fairhope art fair was the Earth, Fire and Spirit Pottery* booth where mom spotted these little starfish and the turtle.  These are going to go on the wall across from the sink mirror - so you can see them while you get ready.

*(she doesn't have a website unfortunately)

Then we saw this fish.  WOW.  It's so interesting!  I love it!

It's elegant and sophisticated and yet whimsical.

This doesn't have a dedicated spot in the bathroom yet - but it's probably going to be either over the towel rack above the toilet tank or on the wall next to it. 

This shower curtain is a hoot.  The fabulous creator can be found here, Shower Curtain Art.

It gives a fun humor to the bathroom right away and also brings a whole bunch of color into the space.  I'm totally in love with the hairy legs on the guy...

but this shark is great, too!

The towel rods are going to be sprayed silver, the new light fixture (which I completely forgot to photograph) is silver with white square light covers and the towels are a light turquoise.  It's all going to work so wonderfully together.  I wish we could have gotten it all finished before I had to come back home, but I really didn't leave much for my mom to complete.  She should have it done by the end of the week - right Mom??

It was a nice vacation - a working vacation :)
I am glad to be home again though. 

Have a great week!


solo-dancer said...


Plus I have steamed/removed the wallpaper border from one wall in the bedroom. lovemom

Loria said...

that shower curtain is a HOOT! I love the finds at the art fair too. How fun!

Shutterbug8162 said...

Love that curtain, the website was cool, but a bit out of my price range these days. Everything seems to be priced in terms of bsby formula, lol. A curtain is a little more than 2 cans. Hahaha.

Have a beautiful day.

Laura Dodge said...

I love all of the artwork as well. You are right about the curtain & the man's leg hair--it is a hoot!

Ruth Ann said...

Looks great! And I LOVE that shower curtain! :)

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I'm especially fond of the blue paint tape around the baseboards.

Oh and that shower curtain - - - WHEN did you take that picture of MY hairy legs?????

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

LOVE it! I especially love the curtain and the fish! I know you are happy its done! What a difference!

Just Breathe said...

It's looking great. What a fun theme. I just love the shower curtain and the wall decorations you found.

Condo Blues said...

That shower curtain is a scream. I love it!

jennifer said...

I LOVE the shower curtain! That is the cutest darn thing!