Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bird sculpture

We were walking down a street when I saw this sign with the bird sculptures on top and I thought it was so cute.  As I stopped to take the photo, those sculptures started moving!  I should have known that the birds were real, they were hanging out all over Rome! 

MDCCXIX is written at the bottom of the sign.  I'm not sure if it's the age of the building or of the sign.  I'm assuming it's the building.   It always takes a few minutes for me to figure out what all the letters mean and I was pretty pleased when I determined that it was 1719 and then verified it when I looked up the Roman Numerals.

I = 1
II = 2
III = 3
IV = 4
V = 5
VI = 6
VII = 7
VIII = 8
IX = 9
X = 10
L = 50
C = 100
D = 500
M = 1000

I just found this piece of paper that I had written some funny things that the girls said.  (We'll see if they are indeed still funny)  I thought I'd share them before I lose this piece of paper again.

from Laura -  Hi Laura!  She said that  FIAT (as in the car) meant "Fix It Again Tony."  Tony was her brother and he was always fixing the FIAT. 

Laura also told the story about her mother.  Let's see if I can get it close to the story.

Laura got a phone call that her mother had been rushed to the hospital.  By the time Laura arrived she found her mother on a gurney.  She went to her side, relieved to see that she was looking alright when her mother said to her, "Put on some lipstick, you look like death."  Ahhh, I love it.

I'm thinking that maybe these are only funny-if-you-were-there type of stories, but I'm going to try one more.

We had a bus for a few afternoons while we were touring Rome.  It was nice because we could get things accomplished with all of us together and within earshot.  We were going to the Papal Audience the next day and a lot of the girls wanted to take Rosary beads with them so they would be blessed by Pope.  Since we were all together on the bus, this was a very good time to pass out the beads and collect the money.  When we asked the gal who was keeping track of everything how many Rosary beads were left she told us that she was going to have to wait until the bus stopped because she couldn't count while the bus was moving!

We used that as a joke for the rest of the trip - when someone would say they couldn't do something right then someone would inevitably say "Why not?  The bus isn't moving!" and we'd all crack up. 

I hope you've enjoyed this comedy three minutes :)  It was a pleasure having you!


Ruth Ann said...

Awesome photos as usual! Sounds like you had an awesome time in Rome! Glad you had a great trip! That's always the one place I want to go!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love the one about the lipstick! Too funny.

Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a nice group of ladies.
Lots of laughs for you. I can't believe how quickly it went by!

Loria said...

that bus story is too funny ..