Thursday, March 11, 2010


You always know that you've received a card from my sister Alison if the outside of the envelope has a little drawing on it.  It almost always relates directly to the event or the gift - in this case it was a dead giveaway that my gift was Burger King related somehow.

As soon as I saw this envelope a memory came flooding back.  I had given her a few business cards and asked her if she would frame them for me.  She worked as a framer for a few years and has such an eye when it comes to matting and framing that I love just handing her stuff and asking her to frame it.  I know she'll pick out the perfect frame, the perfect mat, the perfect everything. 

So she did!!!  

I'm so glad that I have a really short memory sometimes because it's so much fun being surprised.

Unfortunately I was even more surprised when I saw this!! 

Oh, I know she'd just have a fit if she saw what had happened.  This is just not the way she expected it to arrive, obviously.   The frame is beautiful and works perfectly with all of the colors in the business cards and that RED!  I love it! 

The business cards did not like their trip through the U.S. Postal Service.  When I talked with Alison she said that she was using a new product (new to her) that was an acid free adhesive and that she went sparingly with it.  So what I'm going to do is take it to a local framer and ask them if they will help me fix it up.  I'd do it myself except that I don't have the special point driver tool to attach the back to the frame.   

Still, I'm so excited.  These business cards are from the early 1970's and one of them has my Dad's name on it and a photo of our very first Burger King (#200) in Lansing, MI.  I can't wait to finally put these up on the wall instead of hidden away in the closet or gasp in a box on the floor or in a storage closet.  They deserve so much more and now they are thisclose to being there :)

Alison, thanks again for such a wonderful gift!  I'll get it fixed up, pronto.


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Well at least they weren't "gasp" in a box under the bed!

Just Breathe said...

What a beautiful gift. Hope you can fix it.

jennifer said...

I've gotta tell you Kristin, when I read about the relationship between you and your sisters it makes me realize just how NICE it would be to have a sister. I don't think you are the type of person to take it for granted.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE things that have sentimental value. I could O.D. on sentimentality! She did really well with her gift giving.

I saw a lady walk out of a store yesterday and she looked like one of your sisters (I don't have names and faces straight). It hit me "How strange. I don't know Kristin's sister - will most likely never have the privelege - but I have spotted her twin." You've just got to love blogging!

Love ya!

Loria said...

I'm with Jennifer, I too love sentimental things - what a great post and a great gift from your sister.