Tuesday, August 16, 2011


When I was in middle school and maybe even a few years beyond that, I was a part of the Youth Bowling League on Saturday mornings.  I had the same team for most of that time.  There was a girl named Rikki and I think one of the other girl's name was Kelly.  I'm wondering if we were a team of three because I have no memory of a fourth person. 

I was pretty good for a kid, but I have to admit that Rikki was better.  It was a really great Saturday if I could beat Rikki in at least one of the games.  We were a good team though.  We consistently stayed in the top ten of the league. 

I'm not too bad at sports where running is not involved, so bowling is right up my alley!

The bowling alley where I played was NOTHING like the one I went to today.  White pleather couches, a huge arcade, a lounge, giant TV screens, and a nice looking restaurant.  It really wasn't this dark but I couldn't seem to get a good shot.

The old bowling alley had racks and racks of bowling balls against the wall.  In this place they had an assortment of bowling balls at each lane. 

Sarah and Cailin knew about this place, called Latitude 30, as they had come here with some friends earlier in the year.    These two girls were queens of the gutter ball.  I adore them, but they both have a left hook right into the gutter.  By the third game they kept the ball on the alley more than in the gutter, so that was nice.  We all did better that third round. 

Well, except for Patti. Her wrist started bothering her and it really showed.  She was smokin' us that first game and by the middle of the second game she was done.  She watched us bowl the third game.

This is me throwing a red 12 pound ball down the alley.   Typically my first ball would go left and get the one or two pins over there and the second ball went straight down the middle and would get most of the other pins.  It was maddening that I wasn't consistent for both rolls.  I used to be, but it's been awhile.

Sarah rolls a great one here.  I think she got a strike actually.

I think this is Cailin's roll.  She got most of the down this time.

This is from a different roll - I wanted to get a shot of the pins falling.

I wanted a shot of all of our shoes, but I forgot to do that before Patti put back on her shoes.  So I only got three of us.  When I was bowling the shoes were bright red and bright blue.  I like these muted colors a lot better.

This was the final score.  I wanted to get at least a 100.  I can't believe it didn't happen.

I got a 78, 86 and a 90.  At that rate it would have taken another two games to get over 100!

So this was a great afternoon of bowling with the girls. 

I stayed with these folks in the Poconos during my road trip, but just days after I saw them, they came back to Jacksonville to hang out with all of us in the transplant support group.  They missed us!

Thanks for such a great afternoon!

If you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area and want a fun place to bowl...

Latitude 30
10370 Philips Hwy
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: 904-365-5555

Sunday - Wednesday 11am-12am

Thursday - Friday 11am - 2am
Saturday 11am - 2am


jb said...

Well, I OWN a sapphire blue swirl 10lb ball of my very own, purchased at Mejiers! My shoes are white and fawn, and my bag is no longer fashionable at all...it is a blue pleather zip bag that cradles my ball, and my shoes slip in under the ball! I LOVE it!
When are we going to go bowling? I think we should go to Royal Scot in Oct!!!

Ann in the UP said...

Count me out. I had thought I was queen of the gutter ball, and was mighty relieved that two others have the title now.

Not only am I BAD, but I'm stupid about taking advice. Not a good combination, I think.

42N said...

As long as there is no confusion with 42N (latitude.)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Now that looks like a fun time. Love the pictures. I start bowling again on the 6th of Sept.