Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thinking about buildings

When I was growing up I used to dream of houses.  Even though I couldn't draw very well, I could make straight lines, so I designed floorplans.  Sometimes the houses were huge with 20 bedrooms and other times the houses were quite small, with just one or two bedrooms.  Every single house I designed, back then,  had a sunken livingroom.  I saw one once and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I often wonder why I take pictures of certain things or why I am drawn to specific items?  I look through my photos and see hundreds upon hundreds of houses.  Everywhere I go I take photos of houses and wonder what they are like inside.  When I see a 70s looking house I do wonder if it has a sunken livingroom.  What is this obsession with houses? 

A dream I have over and over again is about a beachy looking house that has a lovely front porch, painted wood floors and is painted in fabulous beachy colors both inside and out.  I have been looking for this house for years.  When I find it, I hope the people living there won't mind moving.

Most of the time the houses I see I don't have any particular desire to live in them or own them, but I want to know all about them.  I want to know if it's original, if it has been added on to, if the floors are original, have any walls been knocked down, etc.  All of these things flash through my mind, almost instantaneously with each house that catches my fancy.

There is a TV show on HGTV called "If Walls Could Talk," but unfortunately I didn't particularly care for that show.  I think if it was more along the lines of documentary style I would have enjoyed it.   Instead it was written for entertainment value.  Imagine that!  Entertainment on TV?!  Who knew.

I wonder if there is a photography job out there that wants someone who loves houses and just wants to photograph them?  The real estate industry photographs a lot of houses, but I haven't figured out how to get into that business. 

I was going through my photographs of Ireland and the Isle of Man this evening and all of the building pictures got me thinking.   I included some of them in this post, since they were the inspiration.

Have a great day!


Karen and Gerard said...

I like looking at houses too. I loved house hunting when it was time to buy our first home! I thought it was quite fun actually getting to go into all different houses and seeing what they looked like on the inside. When I was a kid, I liked drawing floor plans too. I thought it might be fun to be a real estate agent until I read "Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens about a woman realtor who was abducted by a guy at her open house.

jb said...

Oh Bob! You haven't found that beach house yet because it isn't time yet! As the time ticks down and all our dreams fall into place, that house will know the drill! Instead of "expect a check (cheque since all your pics are from Ireland)" we will start to "expect the house"!!!
teeee heeeeeee!

42N said...

These photos really call you back to Ireland. Each one probably has a great story.

Anonymous said...

You would enjoy Fonthill Castle in Doylestown, PA


Ann in the UP said...

Lately I've been remembering how I used to notice tiny little fixer-uppers when we traveled when I was a little kids. I thought that'd be a "good house for me". Well, I'm here to tell you that Good Guy and I are there now----dreams do come true. LOL

Anonymous said...

here's a link:

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous photos and I dream of beach houses too.....big wide windows that never have curtains or shades, just with no screens and the sea air blowing in. Never a sandy mess, just clean and pure.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I would love to go inside some of those. I love the charming ones.
Thanks for sharing these.