Monday, August 15, 2011

Surfer Boys

Just a day at the beach.

It could be any old day really,

but this day happens to be in Gulf Shores, AL.

This was the day that my Uncle Matt was showing me how to make a sandcastle

A group of boys arrived a few minutes after we got set up in our spot and they started surfing right by us.

The waves weren't big at all, so they were mostly working on their form.  (That's what they said)

They could have been beginners for all I knew, but they were a lot of fun to watch.

I never got their names, but they were all buddies from the local area and a few of them were going to the University of Alabama this fall.

At some point after the pelican sand sculpture was finished, the boy in the red 3 shirt asked if I would take their picture.  Four of them had remembered to bring their team shirts and they wanted a photo together.

Of course I said yes!

While I had them all together, I had them strike this pose.  (I added in the boy who had forgotten his shirt.)  I noticed all afternoon that while waiting for the next wave, they would lean on their boards.  I liked the pose, so I had them recreate it.

Then they asked if I would take another one of them looking all bad a$$.

They were such nice boys that they really can't pull off the look, but I didn't tell them that!

I emailed one of them the photos the next day and he was thrilled with them.

What fun.

Hope you have a great day!


Karen and Gerard said...

Cute shots you got of these guys. I like the one with all their team shirts especially, but the others are good too.

jb said...

LOVE it! You are such a flirt LOL! Those are tiny boards..boogie boards?
So kind of you to take their pics and send them copies!

Ann in the UP said...

That's a fun day! The pictures look good too, and I'm sure they didn't know they had a pro doing their pics.

42N said...

Nice use of your new lens. More people photos! More people photos!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are so darn cute. I love the pictures you took of them. Your just the best!!

Anonymous said...

whos the one on the left?