Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today I played BINGO.  It was event arranged by one of the transplant organizations for all transplant patients and families.  I was pleasantly surprised that most of the folks that attended today's event were lung transplant patients (both pre and post transplant.)  I always like to meet people from the other groups, since I mostly hang out with the liver support group folks.

This was a free event, but we had a whole table full of prizes for all of the winners.  (Remember that Times Grill gift certificate that I got the other day?  This is where it was used.)  We all got two BINGO cards and a handful of red cover-ups. 

This was the first time we'd had a BINGO event, so our tools were primitive, yet very effective!  That Office Depot box top was perfect to contain the master board and the BINGO balls.

The cards on the table next to the bingo hopper were the "keys" to show everyone what kind of game we were playing during the current round.  Regular BINGO, Four Corners, Picture Frame, Inside Square and several others.

This was my card at one point.  It was one of the times I didn't win.  Seriously, I won so many times.  I gave away two of my BINGOs to the people at my table because I just couldn't win again.  I even failed to call BINGO twice.  Then at the end of the event someone asked me about something that I had won and I ended up giving it to them :)

When I came in the door Tom said "Did you win more than everyone else?"


At one point every single person at our table rubbed their BINGO cards on me hoping the luck would rub off.  I even traded cards with one of the ladies.  She didn't win - but I did!

So if you'd ever like to play BINGO with me, just let me know!

Hope you have a great week!


Unknown Mami said...

You're just lucky like that.

jennifer said...

So you have mad Bingo skillz?

Sounds like fun!

blueviolet said...

Oh yes, I'd be up for this!!!!

Just Breathe said...

You sound like my son at a casino.
He is always winning!

Loria said...

hahahahha .. too funny .. it's the luck of the irish! i think that's a popular saying isn't it?