Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Really Big Tree

I wish I knew the name of this tree.  Does anyone know what kind of tree it is?  I'd love to find out.
(You can click to enlarge all of these photos.)

Tom was driving when I saw that tree (in Tampa, FL) and as he was going by I said, "Stop now or you're going to have to take me back to photograph it."  He continued on to his Open House destination (which wasn't open) and went back to the tree.  There was no escaping - I was going to photograph the tree.

The first picture shows just how massive it is.  That pink house is a pretty good sized house and it's pretty close to the tree.

That's a pretty good sized tree next to this one, too.  Look how small it looks.

Tom parked fairly close to the tree, but it didn't matter.  You can't even see my car behind this massive trunk.

Don't you just love how it twists and turns?!

It's love, I tell ya.



**edited to add -- Someone asked about the leaves on this tree to better identify it - here is a section that might be useful.

The tree has been identified as a eucalyptus tree. Thanks everyone for playing along!! This was fun both here and on Facebook.


solo-dancer said...

it seems related to Sycamore. I'm not positive, but they have white peeling bark.

.....you know.....Under the spreading sycamore....

Terri said...

that is one crazy tree!

Anonymous said...

sycamores do have white peeling bark but they also have 3 different leaf types on one tree - a ghost, an aspen shape, and 3 fingers. I bet this is not native to N. America. On another note, it is truly a spectacular tree!

Marg Henry said...

Last time...ask your uncle.

Keetha Broyles said...

I'm going to direct my M-I-L over here. She knows ALL the Florida flora, she WILL know.

Just Breathe said...

It's a beautiful tree.

Keetha Broyles said...

Before my M-I-L sees this, my guess is an eucalyptus.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a eucalyptus; Matthew couldn't open the photos at work, they were blocked, so I just showed him.