Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444, from Half-Past Kissing Time, hosts Friday Fragments each week. I have been scribbling little notes all week to add to my fragments post and I have left that note pad in the car.  So this post is going to be really fragmented!  Please visit Mrs. 4444's Fragmented post so you can find even more severely fragmented posters like me.


Dr. Oz said on his TV the other day that if you were to cut sodas out of your diet, you would lose 12 pounds a year.  I would be rail thin if that 12 pounds would come off year after year.  I haven't had a daily soda for about 10 years.   I'm thinking that 12 pounds only comes off that first year you quit.


I could stay in my house for months I do believe, besides going to the grocery store, and not feel the need to speak to anyone.  I like chatting and talking with people but I do have a tough time when I'm expected to be social.   Parties - ugh, I'm a disaster if I don't know very many people.  I'd rather hang out in the kitchen and do dishes.  Going over to visit people - I just don't do it.  I can do small talk for a few minutes and then I just don't have a thing to say.  When we moved into our condo I remember telling my mom that it was "forced socialization."  There were people in the hall, people in our elevator, people at the mailbox, people in the garage.  People everywhere! 


My sister mentioned this the other day and I had a quite a chuckle over it....
3,593 people saved in their online recipe box how to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

That is sad.
I've looked since she posted this and the number has risen.  Equally as sad.


Ever wonder where you money goes after it leaves your hands?
I have submitted quite a few bills to the Where's George website where you can track see what happened to your money, if someone logs in and posts the bill.
One of the bills that I found has 5 entries - HERE
One of the bills that I entered (I wrote on it) finally got a hit...and it's kind of embarassing!  Mine was the initial entry, but the next entry is the one that made me blush.  I prefer not to think about it too much! haha


Mrs. 4444 mentioned in her Friday Fragments that she no longer allows anonymous comments because of the spammers commenting anonymously on archived posts.   I am getting 3 or 4 a day.  What is going on?  I finally turned on comment moderation for all posts older than 60 days.  That at least keeps them from getting in.


Today however I got a real comment on an old post.  The folks over at city baby found my blog post on how to bake sweet potatoes and used it on their blog.  This particular blog is all about making baby food for your little ones.  My sister makes her own baby food and it really takes her no time at all and costs her just pennies per serving, saving her a bundle of money.  If you get a chance check out the city baby blog.


Pioneer Woman did a giveaway yesterday.  The winner received $500 sent in their name to the charity of their choice that was working with Haiti.  Then for every comment that she received on that post, she was going to donate a dime.  The top three charities mentioned would split that donation.  Today she announced the charities and said that she has decided to send the full amount to all three organizations, not just a third.   What a delight to be able to see this kind of giving in the blog world.  Thanks P-Dub.

I finally donated today.  I kept hemming and hawing as to where I wanted to send money, but my local Publix grocery store was collecting money at the register for the Red Cross Haiti Relief, so I gave there.  I got a receipt that said all the pertinent information and I trust them, so I felt good about that avenue.


My friend text messaged me a few hours ago and I missed the message until just now.  The message said - "I've just landed, can't wait to see you!"  Now I'm supposed to be meeting this friend NEXT Friday in Miami.  Now it's 10pm and he's 5 - 6 hours away by car.  I can't believe he screwed up the dates.  Now it looks like I'm going to be making a mad dash to Miami tomorrow morning.  See ya!!




mub said...

The Where's George comment literally made me laugh out loud!

I'm a bit boggled at the grilled cheese sandwich thing. One of the comments called it 'ingenious.' I worry about the state of the world sometimes.

I hope you have fun with your friend, even if they are a week early *L*

jennifer said...

Oh gosh Kristin, me too on the social thing. I haven't been a social butterfly in our new community. Most of the time, I am really content though.

Did Dr. Oz say it was ALL sodas, diet included? I drink a few sodas a day but they are all diet. It would be hard to break that habit.

Have a restful weekend!

citybaby said...

Thanks for the mention! I love using your method!

Just Breathe said...

Loved what Pioneer Woman did :)
Grilled cheese, are you kidding me!
I stopped drinking soda 10 years ago and all I can say is that is was 10 years ago, not 10 pounds for me. Richard Simmons inspired me to do that back then. I am a proud non drinker of soda.

Unknown Mami said...

Mad dash indeed! Enjoy your friend.

Nancy C said...

I will never lose the 12 pounds, and I quit soda a year ago. Boo!