Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday with Steve

Friday night/Saturday morning I made the decision to take off for Miami to meet my friend Steve.  He got the weeks mixed up and he arrived a week early.  We've done this meet and greet for the past three years - as he flies into Miami to go on a gay cruise.  He arrives a day and a half early so that I can come and see him.  It saves me a trip to California and it's fun!  But this year, since he gave me the wrong dates, I was not ready to run down there on a moments notice. 

At 10:30pm on Friday night I decided to go.  I had to do two loads of laundry, feed the cat, take out the trash, freeze the leftover foods, pack, etc.  Since I had had a sleepless night the night before, I had gotten up very late in the day, so at 3am, I left for Miami.  I drove for a few hours and then caught a few hours sleep in a rest area.  Funny, there were no less than a dozen other cars with sleeping people in them, too.  (There was a security guard at this rest area)  I arrived in Miami around noon (traffic was a nightmare at one point) and we ate lunch and started our day.

This is "we."  Steve, me and Jet.  Jet and Steve have been friends for years and years and I met Jet last year when I came down for the weekend.  This weekend there was a much smaller group going, so Steve, Jet and I hung out the entire time. 

We walked all over the historic Deco District in South Beach and visited many shops.  This chandelier and chair were found at the DWR store (Design Within Reach.)

That chair is so shiny!!

We ate dinner at Jerry's. Wow, good food.  Jet was meeting a few friends so he had an appetiser with us and then brought the friends back for dinner.  Steve and I just sat and chatted at our original table while Jet and his friends sat next to us.  Fun.

We went into this gift shop, right next to our hotel and I have to tell you - the mannequin that greets you at the door is frightening.  Scroll to the next photo only if you dare!!  I made it small so isn't as much as an assault on the eyes.  But I had to show you this thing.

Anyway, I am now ready to leave Miami. The boys have already caught their cab and are on the way to the cruise terminal and I'm on my way to Cocoa Beach to meet up with Tom, his brother and wife.  I'd better scoot!  Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

hahahahah that mannequin is hilarious. I love that you didn't pass up the opportunity to see Steve this year. It looks like you had a great day.

Nancy C said...

Only in South Beach...funny!

jennifer said...

Yeah. They made a mold of my body to create that mannequin. *snort*

Steve and Jet are gorgeous. How LUCKY they are to go on a cruise. I've never been but maybe one day.

I love the way you fearlessly pick up and travel. The phrase "traffic was a nightmare" was enough to give me nervous hives.

Be careful as you travel back home Kristin. Hugs!

jennifer said...

I forgot to tell you...

I LOVE the shot of the snowglobes!

Just Breathe said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. You don't see a mannequin like that very often!!!

Kirby3131 said...

Lori - I'm glad you enjoyed the mannequin lol

Nancy - I know!

Jennifer - Really? You must have gotten yourself altered after I met you!! Cruising is fun, but those boys and their gay cruise is a totally different thing. I can't imagine being on theirs! THe nightmare part was just stopped traffic and a detour that dumped me off into who knows where. but I made it :) Glad you like the snowglobes. :)

Just Breathe - That mannequin! What a sight. lol

Condo Blues said...

If I'm ever in Miami and there's a hurricane I'm grabbing onto that mannequin. I bet she'll float in a flood.