Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Sometimes the sky is so blue here in Florida that I can hardly believe that's true.  I've lived in FL for 5 or 6 years now and yet I still think that I live in the cloudy state of Michigan and expect to see a cloud filled sky.  When I look in the sky and can't see even a wisp of a cloud, I am truly in awe. 

Tom and I cleaned out our garages today.  He's got a film crew coming on Friday to film a before, during and after of a Monkey Bars garage installation.  Now, our before picture was a total disaster - so we have a very cleaned up version of before.  It will make much better TV that way.  We have another garage on the other side of the black car.   Tom is moving one of our industrial racks over to the other side. 

One of the best things happened while hauling boxes from one garage to another - I found my high school yearbooks.  All four of them.  They were in a box that was pushed waaaaay under a table.  No wonder why I hadn't found it.  I wasn't able to have the yearbooks for my reunion last October, but that's OK, at least they have been found!!  Happy Happy Happy dance!

While cleaning out the garages I found these guys.  They are the wall mounts for a closet system.  Now, I have to believe that this was NOT an accident.  You know some guy or gal got a huge chuckle when they presented this to their boss.   "...with a little tweaking I was able to make this design both fun and functional!"

I see this sign every day in my condo community.  Now I know that the golf club type of thing in that man's hand is supposed to be a pooper scooper - but doesn't it look like it's more of a pooper catcher??  It makes me laugh every time.

Yes, I'm easily amused.

Late night near my house.  I can't get over how busy it is.  Zoom Zoom.

I rented an audio book on Sunday for my drive from Miami home - I was in a hurry so when I saw the Breaking Dawn audio book I grabbed it.  I knew it would keep me entertained.  What I didn't realize was that it was 16 discs!  Goodness!  It's unabridged (the only kind I rent) but I didn't think it was going to be that many.  So while we were cleaning out the garages, I had my trunk open and the CDs playing.  Even though I've read the book a few times, I just can't turn it back in without hearing the whole thing.  I've got until Sunday.  I'm going to have to come up with some more creative ideas on getting in the audio book.

This is a little of my life today.  A whole lot of cleaning. A little bit of laughing and a whole lot of rejoicing that the yearbooks have been found. 

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I saw a post yesterday from Sonia Cook on FB about the sunny skies. I looked outside my window and guess what, clouds. You are so lucky .. i don't really mind winter, but the clouds in MI are depressing. Sounds like you had a great and productive day!

jb said...

Wow! You do so much and make it look like toomuchfun! I know that cleaning out a garage or two isn't exciting, but you make it look like something even Tom Sawyer himself would join in. I love how you just take pictures of your life, and blog about it. I feel like I can see your life daily, and live it with you. Thank you! <3 Bob

Just Breathe said...

Wow, you garage will be all organized, sounds wonderful.
Blue for sure, beautiful!