Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Rome trip

The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy --- image source

We had a meeting last night to discuss the particulars of the trip to Rome.  There are going to be 20 of us, I think.  We learned about all of the places we are going to go, what to expect, what to wear, how to pack, what our apartments are like and other assorted things. 

I found out that we are going to be going to mass on Sunday and be a part of the Papal blessing then again on Wednesday we will be a part of the Ash Wednesday service.  Another chance at seeing the Pope Benedict. 

We are going to go on a tour of the excavations under St. Peter's Basilica, tour through a section of catacombs,  see the Colosseum and the Forum and and and.  The list is almost endless. 

I have a Life Magazine I think it is, that has the restoration of the Sistine Chapel.  Goodness, that's been 15 years or more ago that the ceiling was restored.  Anyway, of all things that we see in Rome, this is the one place I have been wanting to see.  I take out that magazine a few times a year and look at the photos, look at the paintings and wish to see it in person.  I found out last night at the meeting that no camera are allowed in the chapel.  Oh goodness!  I guess I am going to see it with my own eyes and not with the lens.  

I started packing today for my trip.  When we went to Ireland and the Isle of Man we could only take 22 pounds with us, so that's what I'm going to try to do again this time.  The only difference is that this time there will be internet in the apartment, so I will be bringing my computer and cords - and now I have this big camera and it's cords and equipment.  So, I may not make it to just 22 pounds, but I am truly absolutely positively going to pack light.  Under 35 is my goal.  Hold me to it, OK? :)

Rome :) 

Can't wait!



jennifer said...

I would be beside myself with excitement!

I like the way you see things through your camera lens but I think looking at the ceiling with your own eye, making memories that you can't take out and look at later, will be a significant experience.

Your photo of the day is beautiful by the way! I love chandelier bling.

Ruth Ann said...

You are sooo lucky! Italy is one of the places that I want to go! So beautiful! I know what you mean of not being able to take photos in the chapel. When we went to Niagara Falls we went inside this amazing Buddhist Temple and no cameras were allowed in there! It was a major bummer, but I still have the amazing memories! Have you seen the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun?" If not you must see that before you go! It's one of my favorite movies eventhough Richard Gere isn't in it! lol
Have a great weekend! Oh and I'm going to start doing the POTD! With my first one tonight!

Loria said...

I can't wait to see Rome through your eyes. It's going to be amazing!

Just Breathe said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip.
I have the time and money to travel but I don't. :( I don't have any motivation to travel. I want to visit my brother who lives in Milwaukee but is going to be in Florida by my dad in February and can't get motivated. My husband has asked me to go to Houston with him, I have nephews I haven't meet and I'm not sure I want to go.
You are going to be seeing such wonderful things. Have a great time.

Mrs4444 said...

So exciting! I would love to visit the Vatican. I've heard it's an obscene display of wealth.