Monday, January 04, 2010

Picture frame insantiy

This my friends is what a shopping trip to IKEA looks like when there is a mission in mind.  I wanted picture frames so that I could start photographing my photos in IKEA frames so I could say --- This photo looks great in this specific frame. 

I've got small, medium and large. 

Three openings, two openings and one.

Black, white, silver and natural frames.

I got two in each color for each size and three in a few.

I don't want my blog to turn into a sales site, but pretty soon I will be showing what I've got for sale and all the exciting ways they can be displayed :) 

Right now everything is still in the back of the car. 

I haven't yet found a spot in the house to keep these items. 

Chances are real good that I'm going to have to store these items in the garage. 

Maybe I can set up a gallery in the garage!

It'd be so much easier than using my walls at home - not to mention I can rearrange at will.

Ooooh, necessity is the mother of invention.

I'll be taking the frames to the garage.  I've got ideas already.  Cool!

I'm having a terrible time getting my photos downloaded today.  It took an hour for that photo above to load.  an hour!  So still no additional IKEA photos.  Hopefully tomorrow. 

This is becoming very frustrating.

Enjoy your week!


Ruth Ann said...

Those are a LOT of photo frames! Can't wait to see what your prints look inside them. I'm still going to order a print or two, I just don't have the money for it right now. But I promise I will soon! :)

Just Breathe said...

They have great frames. I love IKEA, think I need to go.....
I think that the garage will be a great place except when it gets really hot for you!