Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Lending Closet

A few of my friends from the transplant community got together this morning to move the "Lending Closet."  The Lending Closet is a lot like your local thrift store, only a lot smaller and everything is free.  It all started a few years back when someone who had been in town for a long time was ready to move back to their home after their transplant.  They had furniture, kitchen stuff, everything from their apartment that they hated to just drop off at a thrift store, when they knew that others in the transplant community could really use the items.

Marge, who organizes a lot of our events and activities for the liver transplant group, offered up her garage for the donation of the items and the Lending Closet was born.  Marge and her husband have been so very gracious to keep the lending closet in their garage for so many years, but the opportunity came along to be able to move it to a garage that wasn't hers! 

So we moved it today and took inventory. 

It took the four of us about an hour to move out of one garage, load the cars, drive across the street and down the lane to the new garage and load the new garage.    However, the whole reason we all got together in the first place was because we knew lunch would be involved.

Oh, I kid! 


As soon as that garage door started closing we all looked at each other and smiled and I think nearly at the same time we said, "Lunch?"

We went to the Times Grill and had a very good meal, as usual.  Their lunch specials are $4.99 - perfect for our group.   Early on in the meal Marge had mentioned that she wanted to ask the if the restaurant would be willing to donate something to the BINGO night we were having for the patients and caregivers next weekend, but she was very uncomfortable asking.  So she looked to me.

Well, I think you all can tell - I don't talk very often. :)  Meek and mild.  I wasn't jazzed about asking, but then again, the worst that could happen is if they said no.  So after we were all finished eating I asked for the manager and he said SURE!  Then he came back out and asked if a $30 gift card and 4 - $5 off coupons would be something we could use.  We were all elated.  The gift card is now going to be the grand prize. 

Thank You, Times Grill and the excellent staff.  We appreciate your generosity.

We took a group of 35 there about a month ago.  I'm sure that our patronage helped make that an easy decision for the manager, but even if he didn't know us, it was lovely.  Thanks.

I took a few dozen shots of shopping carts today and yesterday.  I didn't know how to use them in everyday blogging conversation, so they are now a part of the Lending Closet/Times Grill post.  Enjoy!

Hope you have a great day!


Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a very nice ministry.
I'd work for lunch....

Loria said...

What a nice way to spend the day. Good food & good friends.

Anonymous said...

Love the 1st one. Love how you composed the shot. The eye is drawn in with the red carts, but the poles in the background pull your eye on back which is what a great shot is all about! You would be critiqued well in a photography class, girl. good eye.

Olive Rue

Kirby3131 said...

Olive Rue - Thank you so much for your comment. Made my day. The carts weren't in that middle section when I went into Target, but they were when I came out. I thought it looked neat, but I wasn't sure why. Now that you mention the arrangement of the poles and the carts, I can understand it.

I actually have no idea about the whys of a photo - Usually it's just something that I see. I do need to take a class, that's for sure.