Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ox tail soup

Ox tail soup - image source

My Dad called me tonight to ask me to do a little bit of research for him.  He loaned out one of his cookbooks, which contained his recipe to ox tail soup, and he hasn't seen that cookbook now in few years. 

I'm thinking that who ever has the cookbook has forgotten that they got it from my dad and that there is a valuable ox tail soup recipe inside of its pages.

So, my Dad asked me to look up some recipes for the soup and to send them along to him --- whenever I get a chance.  He made this soup once for us when we had our coffeehouse, The Dancing Goat and lately he's been getting requests from friends to make this soup again.  This is why I have come into the picture. 

I know me well enough and if I don't do it immediately, it won't ever get done because I will put it so far back on the burner that it's in a different county.  Once it gets back that far I will have totally forgotten and it could be months before I remember again.

I've now Googled Ox tail soup and gotten a few pages of results.  My Dad said that what he was looking for was mostly a broth, not filled with root veggies.  I'm just not sure if what I've found is "right" - some of the recipes are terribly complicated.

Do you have an oxtail soup recipe?  have you ever made oxtail soup?  have you ever had ox tail soup?  do you want to have ox tail soup?

If you do have a recipe, would you please do me the favor and send it my way.  I'm going to send him a little packet of recipes for Valentines Day.  Seems like the perfect gift for a Dad who has everything :)


Here are the recipes that I've bookmarked so far - One, Two, Three, Four, Five


Keetha Broyles said...

Oh goodness! A tail is something that shouldn't be eaten - - - ox or otherwise.

I've heard of this soup on cooking shows and it always makes me shudder.

Kind of like fish head soup or bird nest soup. WHO eats those things?????????

StorytellERdoc said...

No recipe here...sorry. I too couldn't eat anything with the word tail in it....although your pic looks darn good! Have a good day.

Marg Henry said...

Ox tail soup is wonderful!!! My German grandmother made it all the time, and I make it as well. Their isn't much meat on the bone, just enough to flavor the broth and it tastes like beef. Your friends may turn their noses up but here's my take: if you are going to kill any animal, honor that animal by consuming/utilizing as much of it as possible, rather than tossing all but the tenderloin in the trash bin! I'll e-mail you a "recipe" this afternoon - it's really a matter of oxtails, a liquid (H2O or beef broth) and whatever you like as far as seasonings and veg go! Easy!

Marg Henry said...

OOPS, left out half a sentence...tastes like beef because it is beef : )
Keetha...I have a problem with organs...can't eat liver, the smell and texture do me in! However, I can consume pate like there's no tomorrow : ) It doesn't make sense!
Fish heads - there is a morsel of flesh, actually the cheek, that is moist, tender and flavorful - also in pigs and cows. When you make fish stock, you throw in everything and simmer it, it contributes to the flavor. Anyway, I LOVE food and love cooking, so I'm up for trying anything!!!

Just Breathe said...

I will see what I can find out. My grandmother made Ox Tail Soup all the time. That was years ago. I will see if I have anything on it.
It was a Bohemian recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, my boss made this and brought it to a luncheon and didn't tell anyone what it was until after we ate it. I was very good! Don't let you mental picture get in your way!