Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday musings

I was cruising through my photos looking for something wonderful to talk about and I found a few things, so this is going to be a Saturday Fragment it looks like.

I quickly tossed the two blankets that were on the couch, onto the back so I could take the cushions off and clean underneath them.  I swear it was only a matter of seconds before Mocha made herself right at home.  She looks like she has been there all day.  She really is a constant source of amusement.

When I was in Michigan in October I saw this sweatshirt.  Well, I'm not a fan of hooded swweatshirts because they make my neck hurt. Between my long hair and the hood it's just hard on my body - but still - I was drawn the warm coziness of it.  I knew that I wouldn't use this much if at all in Florida so I talked myself out of getting it.

Two weeks of freezing temps has made me regret that willpower.  Thankfully I did get some other new warm clothes when I was in Michigan and I've been wearing them.  Our high today didn't get over 32ยบ today.  There was sleet in Daytona Beach and a few places in Florida saw their first snow in nearly forever.

Did you know that Jacksonville was named after Andrew Jackson?  This is the statue that informed me of that fact.  I assumed that Jacksonville was named after someone, but it didn't occur to me that it was the President Jackson that inspired the name.  I wonder if all of the Jacksonvilles in the United States are named after him as well.  Is your town named after someone? 

I know I've shown this photo before, but it makes me laugh every. single. time.  ha!  I have spent my whole life being dorky :)  This is proof!

One of my favorite snacks is a scoop of cottage cheese with chives.  I prefer fresh chives, but dried will do...just barely.

I've also found out that rice cakes are really quite tasty when they are freshly purchased and used!  Goodness.  I tossed out the last bag because they were like eating a sponge.   I bought a new package, vowing that I was going to eat them all in the next two weeks.  Wow.  My first bite was delicious!  I had that rubbery batch for so long I had forgotten that they were any good.  (If you don't like rice cakes no matter how fresh they are, that's OK!  I won't debate you on the subject.)

My weekly photo challenge theme this week is toilet.  Hmmmm   I was with my mom when we saw a great photo of a line of toilets and she purchased the print.  It's been in her bathroom ever since.  I have been looking for a good toilet to photograph, but have come up short.  Wish me luck in finding a good toilet!

I hope you've had a great weekend so far.


Just Breathe said...

Pets usually bring so much pleasure, Mocha is so cute. I know that my dad is still freezing in Florida. What's up with that! I think that you look adorable. I like cottage cheese with pineapple.
Good luck with the toilet!!!

Anonymous said...

1. your cat cracks me up - i haven't had a cat for about a year so I really enjoy your cat comments. 2. i don't know how you see "dork" in that photo, it's absolutely adorable. 3. i also love cottage cheese with chives - i was astonished to hear you say that. Did you know chives grow GREAT in a pot. i think you can find a chia pet that grows them also LOL